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13 May 2020 Playlist: The Towering Inferno With Bongo Drums

Roisin Conaty in Thirsty Wolf on Taskmaster

Because we’re so caffeinated, we can watch a lot more stuff than you do and thus save you the time. We pass that savings on to you. You’re welcome. Playlist first, explanations after.

  • A High Council of Guitaring puts some Game of Thrones-themed guitars (yes, there’s a GoT themed everything of course) through their paces.
  • A classic visit by Jim Henson and friends to The Tonight Show from 1975.
  • An experiment involving slime mold that has been done before, but is still pretty cool.
  • One of my favorite segments from Taskmaster.
  • A longer than usual bit, but completely worth it: snippets of interviews with some hell raising actors, focusing mainly on Richard Harris and Peter O’Toole.
  • David Gilmour and Richard Wright join David Bowie to perform “Comfortably Numb.”
  • Jamie Foxx showing off on Jimmy Fallon’s show.