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15 May 2020 Playlist: Can’t Think of Anything But Webbing

Boris Karloff for Butter-Nut Coffee

As we go careening into the weekend, it’s time for another playlist of delights. It’s always a mixed bag of mayhem. Enjoy.

  • From a special one-off Coronavirus episode of Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, Diane Morgan returns as Philomena Cunk to investigate the wonder of vaccines.
  • Buddy Hackett killing people with jokes on The Tonight Show.
  • Victor Borge and Dean Martin collaborate singing a somewhat-medley using Borge’s unique vocal stylings.
  • George Carlin and his classic Seven Words You Can’t Say on TV.
  • Tom Waits puts in an appearance on Fernwood Tonight.
  • A sequence from Taskmaster involving the creation of water features.
  • And lastly, Phil Hendrie tells the tale of Daniel Inouye from Drunk History, featuring Steven Yeun and James Hong.