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20 May 2020 Playlist: Tremendous Satisfaction

Louis Armstrong, singing about Suzy Cute

Middle of the week now. Hang in there. Before we get to today’s playlist of delights, I just want to state for the record: Louis Armstrong looks like he’s having a great time while he’s singing. But it is harder than you would think to get a screengrab of him singing which doesn’t make him look like he’s in excruciating pain.

  • More of Kermit the Frog and Jim Henson, this time on The Dick Cavett Show from 1971.
  • Previously, we had given you Mawaan performing his Mango Song live. Now you get the official video. It is worthy.
  • Two trailers for Netflix: Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods (with incredible badass cast) and the date announcement for the second season of The Umbrella Academy (which shows how you can take a weakness and turn into sheer strength).
  • Quite possibly my favorite episode of Sandi Toksvig’s VOX TOX.
  • More QI, this time a compilation of dinosaur-related material. It transitions better than you would think. You’ll see.
  • Comedian Greg Davies does what he does and does it well. And live.
  • Last but definitely not least: some live Fishbone. Can you have enough of that? No. It is scientifically impossible.