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Make the Bad Men Stop 2020: Part 1 (The Family Friendly Version)

Make the Bad Men Stop 2020 Part 1: The Family Friendly Version

So DragonCon went online this year due to the apocalypse and all that rot. I would have posted this earlier but reasons. Regardless, we were not going to let Ragnarok get in the way of us delivering our take on the state of cinema and television and messing with the heads of the unwary. We pre-recorded two (count them) TWO panels. This first one is profanity-free and you can gather around the computer and listen as a family. The one I’m going to post later…eh…not so much.

This is available in the below embedded video version and for those of you who would prefer to listen to our mayhem on the go, then the audio/podcast version is here as well. Do enjoy.