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#TrackoftheDay: “Halloween Party”

Halloween Junky Orchestra
Japan (2012)

Halloween is slowly spreading worldwide. According to Wikipedia, which is always right, Japan only came on board recently. Which is odd, because…well, Japan is so gloriously odd. And any chance to dress up like maniacs and have a party seems like…I mean, to be honest, I’m not sure why they didn’t have Halloween first and we adopted it from them. But in my quest to find Halloween songs that aren’t from the usual haunts (sorry) like the USA and UK, I discovered Halloween Junky Orchestra.

The band is described as the “special 2012 Halloween project unit.” Which sounds awesome, frankly. The Orchestra is a supergroup, comprised of at least thirteen established Japanese musicians. And the end result is basically something you’d expect from a Nightmare Before Christmas/Haunted Mansion at Tokyo Disneyland mashup. It’s very, very Elfman. I snagged the music video which someone provided English subtitles to. You’re welcome.