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How to Make a Monster! (1958)

32 Days of Halloween XIII
Movie Night #24

How to Make a Monster (1958)

These days, as I understand it anyway, if you’re a makeup artist on a film and there’s some sort of problem or labor dispute or whatnot, you have a union that you can go to and complain. Apparently, back in 1958, your only recourse was to go after your bosses with horrible monsters of your own creation. Am I making a case for unions? I have no idea. I’m probably making a case for better medication.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Herman Cohen, scribe on I Was a Teenage Werewolf and I Was a Teenage Frankenstein, also wrote this. Mostly because he did. It was directed by Herbert L. Strock (The Crawling Hand).’

The Blu-Ray is hitting next month with two new audio commentaries. NICE.