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Christopher Lee Reads Things and You Should Listen

Image: TCM

Rox of Spazhouse, our resident Hammerologist, pinged me to ensure that we had enough Christopher Lee audio represented in this year’s festivities. And I realized, no we hadn’t had any. Certainly, we’ve previously had him reading “The Monkey’s Paw” and Poe’s “The Black Cat,” but we can draw from both of those wells a bit more.

The W. W. Jacobs story was read as part of a BBC radio series called Fireside Tales. As a separate episode, he read “The Man & The Snake” by Ambrose Bierce. Bierce, you might recall, disappeared in 1913 and nobody knows what the hell happened to him. It’s apparently not even clear what country he was last seen alive in. Spooky.

And here’s a treat. It’s the entirety of a series of Poe stories read by Lee, but it’s been out of print for ages. Enjoy.