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Headsup: Rock-and-Roll, History, and a Square Pair of Pants

Almost Famous 4K SteelbookAlmost Famous is the semi-autobiographical odyssey of 15-year-old William Miller (Patrick Fugit), whose writing talent and earnest passion for rock music earns him an assignment for Rolling Stone, interviewing and touring with Stillwater (Billy Crudup, Jason Lee). Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) is the young groupie who guides him through the wild world of rock heroes, all-night parties, and the most dangerous experience of all…love. The film won the Golden Globe® for Best Motion Picture—Comedy or Musical and the AFI Award for Movie of the Year and received dozens of additional nominations and awards.” — from Paramount

Out for the first time in 4K Ultra HD, Almost Famous has been newly remastered under the supervision of writer / director Cameron Crowe and is being released this week in limited-edition 4K Ultra HD Steelbook and limited-edition Blu-ray sets. Both sets include the original theatrical cut of the film (along with a digital copy) as well as the fan-favorite Bootleg cut (aka “Untitled”). Bonus content is extensive, and (refreshingly) there are some never-before-seen extras in this release (a new interview with Crowe, extended scenes, rock-school sessions, a look at the casting and costumes, etc.). Previously released bonus content is also featured, including audio commentary from Cameron Crowe and others, a making-of special, an interview with Lester Bangs, B-slides, and much more. If you’re an Almost Famous groupie and don’t have a hard copy on your shelf (or you want to upgrade the version you already have), these newly re-mastered options with extensive extras may be a perfect fit for you– you can pre-order the 4K Steelbook and the Blu-ray on Amazon, for $25.99 and $22.99 respectively.

Spongebob Movie - Sponge on the Run Blu-ray“[In The Spongebob Movie: Sponge on the Run,] SpongeBob SquarePants, his best friend Patrick, and the Bikini Bottom gang star in their most epic adventure movie yet! When SpongeBob’s beloved pet snail Gary goes missing, a path of clues leads SpongeBob and Patrick to the powerful King Poseidon, who has Gary held captive in the Lost City of Atlantic City. On their mission to save Gary, SpongeBob and his pals team up for a heroic and hilarious journey where they discover nothing is stronger than the power of friendship.” — from Paramount

The adventures of Kamp Koral continue with the newest SpongeBob mini movie, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, out this week on Blu-ray and DVD. Extras include deleted storyboard scenes, a sing-along / dance-along with lyric and music videos by Snoop Dogg & Monsta X, Tainy and J. Balvin, a tutorial on how to draw young SpongeBob and young Gary with step-by-step activity lessons, and a behind-the-scenes look with the cast, crew and characters. You can pre-order the Blu-ray on Amazon for $17.96 and the DVD for $14.96.

“[In the Emmy-winning Comedy Central series Drunk History], host Derek Waters heard from actors and comedians about history’s most riveting chapters and produced star-studded reenactments of these events. Some of the stories are silly; others are sobering. Some have been taught far and wide, and others highlight the history of marginalized communities that many textbooks omit. All were worth talking about over a few drinks. (OK, sometimes it was more than a few drinks.) Guest stars include Tiffany Haddish, Bill Hader, David Harbour, Bob Odenkirk and many more! The series is based on the award-winning web series: Funny or Die.” — from Paramount

Out now in a DVD box set, Drunk History: The Complete Series features all seventy-two episodes from the show’s hilarious six-year run, including seasons Five and Six, which have never before been released on DVD. Executive produced by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jeremy Konner and Derek Waters, the set also includes extras in the form of extended drunk narrator moments, deleted scenes, drunk outtakes, sober reveals, and more. If you love this series as much as we do, now may be the time to make sure you get a hard copy on the shelf (especially considering that the last two seasons are just now being released.) You can purchase the DVD set on Amazon for $44.79.