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Your Weekend Justice #293: A Wikipedia Article Waiting to Happen

You, during the apocalypse, you can make your own rope!

– Rox of Spazhouse

This episode was recorded May 24, 2021. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. And since nobody involved is innocent, no names were changed.


  • Jon vs. his own teeth
  • Jab update!
  • Experimentation at Publix
  • Vaccine nostalgia
  • Rox has a visitor
  • Madman spawns
  • Rumnesia
  • Your friendly neighborhood Planet of the Apes artist
  • How bad government facilitates travel (we do not necessarily endorse this)
  • Making Disney safe (kinda)
  • Declassifying family histories (and assisting museums)
  • Falcon and the Winter Soldier: a bit of reality (SPOILERS)
  • How not to get defeated: A Spazhouse master class
  • Fathers, classified
  • Atlanta, sitting in for many cities
  • Captain America, learning how to kick ass
  • Getting beaten for great acting for playing bastards
  • #ZemoDance
  • Falcon/Winter Soldier: an update from black Twitter
  • Marvel welcomes you back to the movies like a mofo
  • Taking trolling to the next level
  • Not blowing your wad with the X-Men
  • Making the multiverse work (GODDAMMIT)
  • Widge stalking Laurence Fishburne
  • So celebrities…they’re small
  • The Ramones and Tolkien
  • The trouble with eye contact
  • A Joss Whedon-sized crater
  • So vampire women…they’re huge
  • So Handmaid’s Tale…it’s long
  • 1984 vs. Brave New World: where are we?
  • David Lynch vs. The Carters vs. The Bidens
  • Trying to fix Tenet (as much as is possible)
  • Spider-Man vs. Batman: as quick as possible
  • The Bad Batch Explained
  • Educating white dudes
  • Americanizing Taskmaster

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