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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #2

Boris Karloff & Bela Lugosi,
Inner Sanctum: “Corridor of Doom”

Stumbled across this very short bit today…had to consult Google for the translation and what little it could tell me:

Universal Studios short promotional film made in the early 1930s to promote the two stars who vie for supremacy as horror idols on screen: Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi.

Which of course led me to another unfortunately small snippet speaking to the families of the two, relating briefly about how the friendly rivalry got started. And that it was reportedly friendly.

I was reminded that by watching these little snippets that back in the day (Wednesday), there had been talk of a film called Boris and Bela. Not sure there’s been any talk since then…no sign of the screenplay online, nor any word about who might have taken a crack at it. Man, I would love to read that.

Lastly, for today, let’s head over into realm of old-time radio to the Inner Sanctum Mysteries with Karloff. “The Corridor of Doom” from 1945.