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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #7

Louis Armstrong, Teresa Brewer,
The Firehouse Five Plus Two, &

Let’s begin today with a bit from Pennies From Heaven (1936). It’s Louis Armstrong and his band with “Skeleton in the Closet.”

And this is what I was looking for when I came across the above… a live version of “Old Man Mose” by Louis Armstrong. But instead I found this: Teresa Brewer rocking it along with the Firehouse Five Plus Two. And the band is made up of all members of Disney Animation. Pretty much all they ever did was pretty damn great.

And lastly, it appears mining the 1970s for features is having some results. Not fantastic results, but you cannot deny…they are definitely results. Here we have 1978’s The Bees. Not to be confused with 1978’s The Swarm. Because they both came out the same year, according to Wikipedia (which is always right), Warner Brothers paid New World Pictures to delay the release of this so that The Swarm would come out first. Enjoy.