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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #6

Mickey Mouse in The Mad Doctor,
Halloween coloring, The Sound of Fear &
Bog (1979)

And now…a rarity: a Mickey Mouse short we don’t appear to have posted yet. It’s The Mad Doctor from 1933.

Next…it’s important to discuss your yard decoration game. I know the giant skeletons they had/have at Home Depot are a big hit. I just need them to come out with a poseable version because I would want to have it standing by the side of my house, leaning on the roof, dressed in a robe and holding a ginormous coffee mug. Regardless of what you put out there, though, you want to strive towards getting some kind of a shot like this:

If you have small human creatures living in your house, this may be a time of trying to figure out how to keep them amused so they don’t go all Village of the Damned on you. Poking around for ideas, I did find a blog dedicated to providing you printable coloring pages. They appear to have quite the array.

Personally, I like watching documentaries about the season, because it’s sort of a palate cleanser between bit of insanity. But there’s documentaries from across the pond as well, where they still do things on radio (kids, ask your parents). Check out The Sound of Fear.

Hey, we got a feature for tonight. And it’s the sort of film you don’t see at the movies anymore. Instead, you probably have this sort of content spread all over the entertainment arm of the internet…which is probably for the best. It’s 1979’s Bog. It’s a cautionary tale about dynamite fishing. Enjoy.

Update: Bloody hell, that didn’t take long. The film is gone…so here’s the trailer to give you a taste instead.