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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #5

Rox of Spazhouse sent me info she had found about the origins of folk horror, which should be of interest to all of you, since you all probably dig horror and you are indeed folks.

After reading Rue Morgue’s Halloween Issue, an article spoke to me: “The Twisted Roots of Folk Horror.” The article mentions an entry into SXSW titled “Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched.”

It appears that this is the end-all, be-all folk horror documentary, as it lasts three-plus hours and covers basically everything. It should be hitting home video later this year.

Don’t have three hours? Need a bit of a primer? Rox has you covered…

I did find a nice 20 minute intro to Folk Horror. From the Eldritch Archive breaks down the remote village with a secret. Mentioned: Lovecraft, Shirley Jackson and David Plinner (who wrote Ritual which became the basis for the Wicker Man). He does not cover Dark Secret of Harvest Home

She also provides this from Evolution of Horror… a beginner’s guide to the subgenre. And the first part of Mark Gatiss’ History of Horror, which also refers to “folk horror.”

We’ve previously brought you The Blood on Satan’s Claw as a movie night pick. And because we never want to be accused of not covering The Dark Secret of Harvest Home