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32 Days of Halloween V, Movie Night No. 7: The Blood on Satan’s Claw!

The Blood on Satan's Claw

It’s an admitted fact that we don’t quite know what we’re doing here on Movie Night #7 of 32 Days of Halloween. But that’s okay. There’s plenty of things that don’t easily conform to themes. Like tonight’s pick, the 1971 horror film The Blood on Satan’s Claw.

What happens when a farmer in the UK is plowing and uncovers a skull? Well, if it was happening today, he’d call Time Team. Alas, though, it’s the 17th century and Tony Robinson hasn’t gotten around to hosting that show yet. So instead the village goes apeshit. Like you do.

Among the cast are Simon Williams (Upstairs, Downstairs) and in the role of Margaret is Michele Dotrice. Yes, another of Roy’s daughters.

Previously on this night we’ve enjoyed They Saved Hitler’s Brain, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Island of Dr. Moreau and The Devil Bat.

The film doesn’t appear to be in print for Region 1.