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32 Days of Halloween XIV: Day #29

Christopher Lee,
The Procession of the Ghouls, &
Track of the Moon Beast!

First up, Christopher Lee in an interview from 1975. I love to hear Lee talk about his craft. Frankly, I love to hear Lee talk, full stop. If he had put out an album of him doing nothing but reading the back of cereal boxes, I would have already acquired it.

On my vast todo list is to be in New York City on Halloween. Primarily so I can witness The Procession of the Ghouls at The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. I have seen the cathedral (it’s pretty epic even without a parade of Halloween demons), but watching a silent movie in that venue after seeing the live pageantry of The Procession…sounds good to me. Finally found a video they put up last year with a celebration of previous madness…and checking the website, it appears the live show is back, so that’s excellent.

For tonight’s feature, it’s one of those “so bad it’s questionably good” films, Track of the Moon Beast. It is a cautionary tale about not getting a bit of meteorite lodged in your brain. No, seriously. It is. Enjoy.