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Hey, You — Put Some Halloween Directly in Your Ears

Image via VintageHalloweenCollector under CC license

As we creep up on Halloween weekend, you may desire some tunes to help you celebrate. Between our two music ministers, Rob and Tuffley, and myself, the music janitor, we have options for you.

First up, let’s say you’re having a brief Halloween party. If so, I certainly hope you’re being as safe as possible. Tuffley has a two-hour Halloween mix under his Randomizer banner for you to enjoy.

But let’s say you’ve got an entire evening Halloween celebration planned. More than a couple of hours, because you’re a bit more hardcore. Well good on you. Rob Levy brings you a Halloween playlist that’s five hours long. Should more than get you set.

If, however, you’re a maniac who wants Halloween music from now through 2nd and 3rd Halloweens, then might I suggest my own playlist, which will top out this year at 600 songs and over 33 hours.

Or if you really want a party, take all three, mash them together, and hit shuffle. Or launch a radio station based on one or all of them. Whatever works. Regardless, stay safe and sane out there. You don’t want to get sick and wind up in a horror movie during the season of horror movies if for no other reason than you don’t want to admit you haven’t seen enough horror movies.