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Headsup: A Whole Lotta Lettuce With a Side of Juice

In season five of BILLIONS, Bobby Axelrod (Lewis) and Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti) see their vicious rivalry reignited, while new enemies rise and take aim. Social impact pioneer Mike Prince (Corey Stoll, “House of Cards”) poses a true threat to Axe’s dominance, and Chuck feuds with a formidable district attorney (Roma Maffia, “Nip/Tuck”). Taylor Mason (Dillon) is forced back to Axe Capital, where Taylor must fight to protect their employees and their assets. Wendy Rhoades (Siff) reevaluates her loyalties and forges surprising new alliances that put her at odds with both Chuck and Axe. — from CBS

As the sixth and final season kicks off on Showtime, all twelve episodes hit DVD. No extras on the set–and this is a shame, not only because the cast is awesome and we’d love to hear from them, but because this was Damian Lewis’ last season. A retrospective or something to say goodbye to the character would have been nice. The fifth season is still available on Showtime, so this set is for the uber-fan that just wants to have the episodes on their shelf. You can snag it from Amazon.

Q, Raheem, Bishop, and Steel spend their days hanging out and looking for a way to get the power and respect they call Juice. Q hopes to earn respect by becoming a scratch ‘n’ mix DJ. Bishop has a deadlier plan—take it through an armed robbery with his crew. Ernest R. Dickerson, the acclaimed cinematographer whose collaborations with Spike Lee include Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X, made his directorial debut with this powerful drama steeped in ‘90s urban lifestyle. JUICE features the acting debut of Tupac Shakur and a hit soundtrack that includes Eric B. & Rakim, Naughty by Nature, Big Daddy Kane and Salt N’ Pepa. — from Paramount

The 30th Anniversary of the film is here and an anniversary usually means a new release of a film. While we have some repeat features, the main draw for this release is the fact the film is out in 4K Ultra HD. If you don’t already have a previous version, the features are nothing to sneeze at: director Dickerson provides a commentary, multiple featurettes talking with the cast, a featurette (also with interviews) focused on the music, and an interview contemporary with the filming featuring all four lead cast members on the filmset. A photo gallery rounds out the array. If your rig at home is now capable of big things and you want this film to help you show it off, then this is your best bet. You can grab it from Amazon.