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Stuff You Need to Know: It’s That Damn Ninja!

New York Ninja

I’m not sure how I missed this was happening. There’s just too much going on even in the midst of the plague apocalypse:

I don’t know how many of you, like me, were so bored and lived away from human beings where your best friend was the video rental store (kids, ask your parents). But as I’ve mentioned before, I started going from right to left down shelves and working my way through every genre I could. One I especially enjoyed was the array of martial arts films. With New York Ninja, they have either actually found a lost 80s martial arts film or nailed the look and feel so well that it defies belief. I ran this by our own Doc Ezra, Keeper of the Fu, and we are in complete agreement: we honestly don’t care, we just want this. It’s available from the Vinegar Syndrome website in a quite sweet Blu-Ray edition. Nice.

In other mayhem:

Now that Evangeline Lilly is also revealed to be an anti-vaxxer (joining Letitia “Shuri” Wright), Marvel: if you need to recast them both, I’ll get over it. I’d rather that than them continuing to endanger everybody that they’re working with.

Art Spiegelman’s Maus has been banned by a Tennessee school district. Appropriately, sales have been climbing. Reason for the banning? Naughty words. Or so we’ve been told. If you would like to add to the sales, be our guest.

Ben Stiller says he’s still up for a Mystery Men sequel. So are we, Ben. So are we.

So here come the reports that Spider-Man: No Way Home is the 4th highest grossing film of all time domestically. And here comes me, the spoilsport, reminding you that that’s in unadjusted dollars, which makes it a meaningless comparison to films that came out back in the day that, you know, didn’t cost $18 a ticket. Box Office Mojo’s adjusted all-time list isn’t exactly 100% up to date but based on it I would say No Way Home is somewhere in the mid-20s. Gone With the Wind is still fairly untouchable at $1.8 billion adjusted dollars.

Outside the Ghibli Museum. Photo by Kentaro Ohno via CC. Cropped.

So something else for your post-apocalypse todo list: the Studio Ghibli theme park has an official opening date. November 1, 2022. The My Neighbor Totoro section will be the first of five, and the entire park is supposed to be open in 2024.

I’m probably one of five people on the planet who didn’t know off the bat that Uncharted is based on a video game. It looks like dumb fun for Tom Holland to jump around in. And I’m fine with that.