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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 18: Madman!

First things first: the 23rd Annual Halloween Auction is happening over at Almost 1900 items. It’s worth going just to browse. And occasionally weep over the stuff you can’t afford to buy. I know I have!

Now we go over to Evolution, one of my favorite stores in New York City, and I try to stop by every time I’m up there. They sell all manner of things. If you need a megalodon tooth, they got you. If you need a rhinoceros beetle framed and under glass…no problemo. If you need a slice of meteorite so you can, I don’t know, be an evil scientist out of a 1950s flick…you get the point. Go to the site (although they have taxidermied animals…so if that kinda thing freaks you out…maybe don’t go) and check out their wares. It’s too cool. And speaking of too cool, they have a YouTube channel where they feature some of the stuff that comes through their doors. Here is a video where you get to meet their skeleton mascot. I have him on two t-shirts.

Next, I really need you to watch this trailer. This looks Amazing. It’s Amityville in Space. And now that I’ve told you the title, you need to know: whatever you’re anticipating, it’s that but moreso.

Now for tonight’s final bit, when I say it’s a film from 1982 called Madman…you might think it’s just another slasher movie, probably set at a summer camp or somewhere, and there’s a crazy killer going around just wasting people. And…well, you’d be exactly right. Enjoy.

P.S. Fun fact. Gaylen Ross (“Flygirl” from Dawn of the Dead) stars under a pseudonym. She’s only acted in three films (the third was Creepshow).