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32 Days of Halloween XV, Day 22: Daughter of Horror!

Starting off tonight, going back to what I said about the old-time radio well being seemingly inexhaustible. Here’s two shows I’m fairly certain we’ve never posted at all. The first is Dark Fantasy and a show from 1941, “The Thing From the Sea.” And then, The Witch’s Tale from 1935 and their take on Frankenstein. The hostess/witch has a cat named Satan. It’s a little odd to hear someone on 1935 radio saying stuff like, “Yes, you’re right, Satan.” Surely somebody has sampled that for a song by now.

We’ve posted this movie before, under its original title of Dementia. But it was re-released with new narration under this title: Daughter of Horror. Now, a title change does not new content make (usually), but then I saw that the new narration added to the previously dialogue-less movie…was Ed McMahon. I saw this everywhere I looked, so I’m assuming this is true. It’s just hard to see the same guy who would say “You are correct, sir!” to Johnny Carson speaking these lines and in this voice. Acting! Enjoy.