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I Propose a New Xmas Tradition…

Vintage illustration of a beaver labeled "Common Beaver."
That’s rude. Nobody likes being called “common.”

Thespia sent me a link to this video.

First of all, I saw “Rescue Beaver” and I thought there was a beaver in a hi-vis vest with a hardhat who knew CPR. He’d fast-rope down from a helicopter and save your ass in a time of need. I’d watch the hell out of that show.

But no, instead it’s a beaver who is a rescue. Now, to be certain…there are questions. Like…what is he damming up? Has he had a premonition about heavy flooding? I thought they did this behavior in, you know, rivers and such. But without water will they just…build a dam anywhere?

I find the video fascinating. Especially when he pauses to review what he’s done and then…makes adjustments.

Anyway, the new holiday tradition he’s introduced us to is: the Xmas Dam. This year, if you’re feeling stressed, just do what Xmas Beaver did: tear the place apart looking for the right materials and build yourself a dam. I mean…it looks actually kind of therapeutic.

I’ll try to remind myself to remind you to leave out some spare wood for Xmas Beaver in case he stops by. In the meantime, I’ll close with this, which is what goes through my mind any time something about a beaver comes up.

Image: From The New York Public Library.