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Widge’s Sonic Emporium #8

I should explain a bit. First of all, hurting your back shouldn’t impair your ability to do things that don’t involve your back. But it does. Even though it’s times like this when you realize…your back is involved in most things. But I digress.

I wanted to say that the Oh Hellos > Emperors > Hide combo at the beginning might be odd. Well, not might be…it is. But once I had that in place, nothing else would do. This is the playlist where I realized each of this has its own story to tell, even if I have no idea what the hell that story is.

Also, I really enjoy the version of “GMF” that John Grant performed with the BBC Orchestra, but that’s not on Spotify. It’s here. I would have used it instead. On a real radio show, I’d probably trim that spoken intro a bit though. Enjoy.