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Your Weekend Justice #301: Alfred Hitchcock Terrorizing Cats

I can’t get it to stop! It won’t stop!

Jon Boutelle

This episode was recorded 4 January 2023.


  • Wardrobe coordination shenanigans
  • The revenge of Rox’s necklace (the clicking)
  • Jon, still hot
  • When you’re relying on Scott to not be awkward…
  • Assaulting the computer (and the mashed potatoes)
  • MasterClass and the size of Widge’s ass
  • Getting spitroasted with knowledge
  • BBC Maestro
  • Rock Lobster En Aeternam, i.e. Jon has a complete breakdown
  • There’s a Boutelle in a museum (no, seriously—and it’s really good)
  • Carving steamrollers
  • (Not sure why the sound levels got weird here)
  • Industrial musical soundtracks and other weird shit
  • The proliferation of information on how to (not) survive a nuclear war
  • How Widge doesn’t go nuts buying vinyl
  • Exception for the future: John Carpenter’s The Thing on vinyl
  • Lionel Richie and weirdness
  • Alfred Hitchcock: The Musical
  • Dante’s Inferno: The Album Collection
  • ScottC and Hookland
  • Rox, the affable one
  • Trying to find someone who gives a shit about Avatar
  • They don’t make movie sites like they used to, says old man yelling at clouds
  • WTF is happening with Warner Brothers
  • Widge’s irrational love of Starro
  • Lurching towards Kingdom Come
  • WTF is happening with HBO/HBO Max
  • Corporations getting in bed with other corporations
  • Zine update
  • Ray Bradbury in sweet, sweet hardback
  • Wednesday (renewed, actually)
  • The Sandman (also renewed)
  • Streaming services in hell
  • Henry Cavill, possible Bond?
  • We’re back on Avatar
  • Yogi Bear’s dignified death
  • Ghostwatch and Dead Set
  • Marvel Snap is not insane, it’s mad

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