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Behold. The Coming of Evil Dig Dug.

Marvel Strike Force: January 2023 Report

Starting bottom left and going clockwise: Mr. Heatmiser, Elphaba 2099, Evil Dig Dug, Stratos, Anna Paquin as Jacob Marley’s Ghost

I figure I’m spending enough time in these damn mobile games, I might as well talk about them. And my therapist is sick of hearing about them.

Marvel Strike Force comes first because that’s the game I’ve been playing since shortly after it launched, which is far enough back that I don’t like to think about it, because it’s testament to what an addictive personality I have. Especially for games.

One of the things I love about this game: they’re very generous with compensations for game problems. They’ll give you more of a particular flavor of credits, or campaign energy, or…whatever. It’s free, which is my favorite type of…pretty much anything. The only thing better than this is the fact that 90% of the time, I honestly never encountered the problem at all. So it’s just free loot. If more areas of my life would just surprise me with free stuff randomly, then the world would be a much better place for everyone.

Speaking of free stuff. And speaking of problems. You can unlock characters (and upgrade them) by acquiring character “shards.” It takes 810 of these shards to max out a character’s shards. The month started with one of their homegrown (i.e. original to the game) characters, Spider-Weaver (no relation to Sigourney), having 4000 shards for it in one of the milestones. Given out all at once. Obviously, this was a mistake. This gave everyone an instantly maxed out (just in that respect–there are several, and we don’t need to delve) Spider-Weaver (no relation to Dennis). So that was a nice way to kick off 2023.

Also, as a sidebar: people call the characters in the game “toons.” While that’s shorter to type, it’s blatantly incorrect. These characters are obviously not toons. Toons are Roger Rabbit’s colleagues. I know the rights to Roger Rabbit are shared between Disney and Amblin, so Roger showing up in the game is probably not on the horizon. But if Roger Rabbit had turned out to be one of Apocalypse’s Horsemen, I would have lost my goddamn mind with joy.

BENNY THE CAB is a toon. Ronan the Accuser is NOT.

That load screen up top is Apocalypse and his latest round of Horsemen. This could be a wise move on the part of Scopely…because Apocalypse changes Horsemen like you or I change contact lenses. (I’m not even kidding–have you seen the list of his Horsemen? I think I’m on there somewhere.) So you could have a second round of Horsemen at some point down the line.

I still wish they had revealed Ultimus as the Horseman Death in order to keep the character relevant. But I’m bear in mind I’m seriously deranged.

Speaking of characters that could/should be Horsemen… They still need to bring Hellcow into the game. There’s an Undying team that’s currently just Hela and Zombie Iron Man, so there’s a perfect place to put her. And I still maintain they need to give Spider-Man this short-lived costume of his from the comics. This is back when he was still wearing the symbiote as a costume (Proto-Venom) and having had it removed, he had nothing to wear home. Enter the fashion skills of the Human Torch. It’s already available on one of the Playstation Spidey games already apparently?

I would pay for that in that game. I really would.

Hellcow as Death, Obnoxio the Clown as Pestilence, Ms. Lion as War, and Doop as Famine. Coming up with Horsemen is fun! Try it at home, kids.

If you’re in the game and need an alliance, I’m running (WTF) the alliance NAMELESS.ONES. You are welcome to join us. I’ve thought about bringing up the idea to change the name but I cannot until I figure out why that period is in the middle of the name.