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Widge’s Sonic Emporium #3: The Radio Version

Show Notes (Mostly)

Here are my overly complicated show notes.

First of all, you can find Dom on Twitter…here’s his English account. Probably a good place to start.

As for the playlist, the entries consist of:

Artist/Band Name – “Song Name” – Album Name – (Band’s/Artist’s Country of Origin, Year of Song’s Original Release)

For a complete and exhaustive and exhausting explanation of why the tracklist is this way, it’s explained in the notes for Episode 1.

First of all, I have no idea what “Saman Doye” means. Attempts to find translated lyrics have come to naught. Generally with foreign langauge songs, I dig on the sound and the rhythm and the way the language is used…then I get curious about the lyrics. So if anybody knows what “Saman Doye” actually means, please get in touch.

Also, the album listed here is the original release from 1978. The compilation I mention in the show is Those Shocking, Shaking Days: Indonesian Hard, Psychedelic, Progressive Rock and Funk 1970-1978. It was released in 2013. Pretty sure the original album is out of print.

Polyrhythmics – “Spider Wolf” – Caldera – (USA, 2017)

Takuya Kuroda – “Afro Blues” – Rising Son – (Japan, 2014)

The Chemical Brothers – “Bango” – No Geography — (UK, 2019)

Sophie Hunger – “I Opened a Bar” – Molecules – (Switzerland, 2018)

The Vaccines – “No Hope” – Come of Age – (UK, 2012)

The Techniques – “Little Did You Know” – Little Do You Know – (Jamaica, 1964)

Okay, so I thought the album came out in 1966 and it was the song’s first appearance. Discogs has relieved me of that misconception. So apologies for the error in the show itself.

Sacha Toorop – “Aussi belle est douce” – (Belgium, 2016)

King Tuff – “Black Moon Spell” – Black Moon Spell – (USA, 2014)

The Kills – “Fried My Little Brains” – Keep on Your Mean Side – (USA/UK, 2003)

Polly Scattergood – “The End Was Glorious” – In This Moment – (UK, 2020)

Here’s where I found the fact that “Polly Scattergood” is her real name. Wikipedia: it’s always right.

Roky Erickson – “If You Have Ghosts” – The Evil One – (USA, 1980)

Zillionaire – “Loose Leaf” – The Street Lights Have Been Turned Down – (USA, 2007)

Beck – “Go It Alone” – Guero – (USA, 2005)

Tune-Yards – “Sweet Dreams (are made of this) (recorded at Spotify Studios NYC)” – Spotify Singles – (USA, 2018)

Westkust – “Swebeach” – Westkust – (Sweden, 2019)

The Mysterons – “Bug Powder Dust” – Meandering – (Netherlands, 2017)

Brian Auger & The Trinity feat. Julie Driscoll – “All Blues” – Streetnoise — (UK, 1969)

Balanescu Quartet – “Model” – This is the Balanescu Quartet – (Romania, 1992)

Ambulance LTD — “Fearless (live)” — New English — (USA, 2006)

K.Flay — “Make Me Fade (orchestral version)” — Life as a Dog (deluxe version) — (USA, 2014)