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Black Snake Moan Limited Edition Vinyl Contest!

The movie is Black Snake Moan. It’s directed by Craig Brewer, who brought you Hustle & Flow, and it stars Christina Ricci and Justin Timberlake, along with that gentleman you see pictured there: Samuel L. Jackson. It opens March 2nd.

Basically Jackson plays a bluesman who decides to chain up Ricci because she’s got the devil in her, so he can get it out of her. Sound crazed? Well, it’s Sam Fucking Jackson. He can do anything. In fact–he learned to play guitar and he sings on the soundtrack.

In fact, they’ve done a limited edition pressing of Sam singing on a 7-inch vinyl. He performs both “Stackolee” and Blind Lemon Jefferson’s “Black Snake Moan.”

Check it out:

Side A – “Stackolee” – A new interpretation of the classic African American oral tradition toast about Stack-O-Lee and Billy Lyons as interpreted by Samuel L. Jackson, Kenny Brown, Cedric Burnside and Luther Dickinson.

Side B – “Black Snake Moan” – Originally written and performed by Texas bluesman, Blind Lemon Jefferson. Jefferson penned the song as he was going blind. Performed here by Samuel L. Jackson with contemporary Memphis fold/blues artists Jason Freeman on guitar.

Too freaking cool, people. In fact, if the video on the site wasn’t enough to wet your whistle, you can check out “Stackolee” here:


Audio (WMV):
“Stackolee” (clean)
“Black Snake Moan”

Audio (QuickTime):
“Stackolee” (clean)
“Black Snake Moan”

So what’s the deal? One winner can walk away with this limited edition vinyl. How cool is that, people? Almost as cool as Sam Jackson. Almost.

Contest is closed! Thanks for playing. For the latest in contestage, check out the site here.