13 Days of Xmas – Day 11: More Music That Doesn’t Suck

MST3K Christmas

I know that most of our readers are now in family bunkers everywhere, hatches battened down and awaiting Christmas itself to arrive. Chances are you’re probably in with some people you don’t like and you’re probably listening to music that, as we’ve mentioned before, grates on your nerves. But that’s okay. Here’s a small smattering of songs that we haven’t yet covered, that I think will help some.

First, traditional. Nat King Cole. Can you argue with Nat King Cole? Not if you care for your own personal safety.

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The Kinks, folks. “Father Christmas” from 1977. Sync isn’t the best. But here it is.

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Normally, I don’t care for videos that are just music with a static image. But torn between doing that and not including this…well, I think you can indulge me this once.

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And I like this one just because it’s what Christmas would sound like if the entire thing had been conceived from the beginning as a Tim Burton film:

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And last but not least, the guys from MST3K do us all a favor and mashup Christmas with one of the best B-movies ever made: Road House. This is from the Santa Claus Conquers the Martians episode, released on the Essentials DVD. Click here to buy it from Amazon.

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