Bugs Bunny: Bewitched Bunny

You thought you had buried it. Perhaps far from the crossroads. Perhaps with a stake in its heart and a mouth filled with garlic. With maybe some wolfsbane and silver for good measure. But no. You can’t keep a good franchise down (and in a lot of cases, a bad one is even harder to take out). Halloween returns and, unsatisfied with merely owning the month of October, it has invaded and claimed September 30th as its own. Thus: 32 Days of Halloween IV: The Final Chapter.

That’s right, we’ve done four years of this nonsense. No, we can’t believe it either.

Year one, we began the proceedings with Mickey. We brought you more Mickey in year three. But on even years, it’s time for Looney Tunes. We did Bugs Bunny our second year, and now it’s back to Bugs and the first appearance of Witch Hazel in “Bewitched Bunny.”

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