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32 Days of Halloween VI, Movie Night No. 13: The Eye Creatures

Crawling Eye

As we move into Night #13 of 32 Days of Halloween, typically reserved for some kind of sci-fi madness (read: a C-movie of the genre, more than likely), I would like to point out something amusing. Or at least amusing to me. And maybe amusing to the meds, I have no idea. Judge for yourselves. That eye-thing in the art up top? Taken in reality from a poster for The Crawling Eye in 1958. But it still counts because it’s the same damn eye-creature and damsel in distress, recycled for 1965. Hey, when you’re making cheap movies, stay as green as possible, right?

Speaking of green, this film is famous for being re-titled Attack of the Eye Creatures or Attack of The The Eye Creatures because they just added the “Attack” bit later. The version we have here is “Attack”-free, but the film hasn’t improved any. No, seriously, this is only for connoisseurs of the terrible. Although…at least have a taste. Watch the first two minutes, up until the opening credits start to roll. You’ll be so glad you did.


There’s now a double feature DVD with this and Zontar. Just wow.

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