The Other Calvin & Hobbes

John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes by spacecoyote

Spacecoyote has posted something that we think is a vast improvement over the last time somebody tried to screw around with Calvin & Hobbes:

Few historians know of the heartwarming friendship between French Reformation theologian John Calvin and English political philosopher Thomas Hobbes, the latter of whom may or may not have been real, considering he was not even born yet.

She sells prints of it.

You might remember spacecoyote as the madwoman who did those Simpsons and Futurama anime pieces we linked to a while back. She appears to have given Death Note and Totoro the Groening treatment as well. Freaking awesome.


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The Gashlycrumb Tribbles

The Trouble With Tribbles, adapted by Edward Gorey

Shaenon Garrity has taken the Star Trek classic episode, “The Trouble With Tribbles,” and showed us what would have happened had it been adapted into illustrated book form… by Edward Gorey. This is almost a perfect morbid whimsical geekstorm.

In order to restore the cosmic balance, someone must now turn The Curious Sofa into an episode of Stargate Atlantis. Ready? Go.

Found via Cabinet of Wonders.


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What Happens After Z-Day?

When Zombie Clowns Rule

About the only way to make a scary clown scarier is to make it an undead scary clown. So bravo to the people who worked on this Worth1000 photoshopping contest which lets us know what things will look like once the world has ended and zombies rule all. It would truly be a “Necrogarchy.”

Hey, you know…that’s a catchy title for a short story.


Oh, but anyway, here’s a bonus zombified bit. I feel so dirty for liking it. And it is Not Dindrane Friendly. I’m just saying.


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The Lost World Exploration Case by AlexCF

Lost World case by AlexCF

AlexCF, that mad genius who keeps making replicas and props and things (all of which make me cry my geek heart to sleep at night because I got no dinero to bid on his goods) is at it again. Mercilessly he creates wicked shit and then dangles out in front of the the whole internet. And we, masochists that we are, wouldn’t have it any other way.

This time out he’s tackling Professor Challenger from The Lost World. No, this is the Arthur Conan Doyle Lost World not the craptastic Spielberg sequel. It’s a case from where Challenger ascended to a plateau in the rainforest where dinosaurs still lived. The case was found in 1951.

The list of what’s in the case is formidable (as you might expect), but a brief sampling of the bits follows:


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Lisa Snellings-Clark: It’s Halloween Sale Time Again

Brain o'Lantern by Lisa Snellings Clark

Lisa Snellings-Clark, who we’ve mentioned a couple of times before (because she’s just That Good), is having her annual Halloween sale again, and the good news is some of the stuff is priced so even webmasters could afford it.

Be sure and check out the sad little Brain-o-Lantern (pictured) which is just lovely and, for fans of The Neil (who gave us the word about the sale, as he is wont to do), there’s a Neil Gaiman rat with glow in the dark shades. Granted, this is artistic license, because we all know Neil’s eyes glow in the dark just fine on their own.

Click here to go check out Lisa’s full eBay sale.


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AlexCF Brings You Pickled Cthulhu

Pickled Cthulhu by AlexCF

AlexCF, who continues to wound us with his badass art projects, has revisited his Cthulhu in a specimen jar bit, and damn, but it looks wicked.

contained in the box are a series of bottled samples, rock samples, detailed notes, mad ramblings, diagrams, maps, a directional compass, compass, pencil, and of course the spawn of Cthulhu, sealed within a specimen jar.

It’s the mad ramblings that seal the deal, surely. It’s up for auction on eBay UK even as I type this. And alas, I am so poor.


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Plush Hellraiser: The Box. You Snuggled It. We Came.

Plush hellraiser by Koalajoe

Flickr user Koalajoe has posted some evil looking plush Hellraiser recreations. Not only do you have a Pinhead pin cushion (can there seriously not be one of these for sale somewhere already?) but also a plush Lament Configuration. There are so many ways that such a thing could be abused for photos, it’s not even funny.

Snuck onto the shelves at FAO Schwarz, for example. Or placed in a crib with a sleeping baby. Or just have it sitting in the center of a crowd of shredded stuffed animals and bicycle chains.

I really have to stop thinking about this, you know?

Found via MAKE.


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Peter Chan’s Artwork

Peter Chan

Peter Chan appears to be able to do just about anything, honestly: from crazed sci-fi characters to illustrations you’d love to see in a comic book to cartoony bits to designs for sets you’d love to shoot some noir-horror movie on. It’s…rather disgusting how talented he is, honestly. I could write stories based on his work all day long.

You can see some of his stuff here at Design Verb and his personal website with even more is here.

Found via Design Verb by way of Drawn!


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