Win Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show!

Timmy Time: Timmy Steals the Show DVD Timmy Time Timmy plush

It’s a spinoff of a spinoff from Aardman and it’s for the kids. It’s Timmy Time, featuring the lamb Timmy, cousin of Shaun the Sheep. Shaun, of course, first appeared in the brilliant Wallace & Gromit short, A Close Shave. Here it’s Timmy and friends, getting up to hijinks. And not only do we have the DVD here to give away, but we’ve got a Timmy plush, shown above. Nice.

For more info on Timmy Time, check out the official site here.

We’ve got one of each to give away as a set–want to win it? Here’s how you do that: enter using the form below. Remember you can enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, you win. Good luck!

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Win Wallace & Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death on DVD!

Wallace and Gromit: A Matter of Loaf and Death DVD cover art

It’s the latest from Aardman wonders Wallace & Gromit, A Matter of Loaf and Death. Here, have a trailer:

Direct link for the feedreaders.

We’ve got a copy of the feature-length stop motion mayhem here that you can win–just enter using the form below and enter once a day. If we draw your name when the contest ends, then you win. Good luck!


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Annie Award Winners Announced

Remy from Ratatouille

The annual Annie Awards, presented by the International Animated Film Society, were given out last night. And Pixar rocked the house, taking Best Animated Feature for Ratatouille, Best Animated Short Subject, and THQ even won for their Ratatouille video game. Futurama also took home the Best Home Entertainment Production award for Bender’s Big Score and Aardman won Best Animated Television Production for Creature Comforts America.

You can get all the details at the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive but some other highpoints of note are here…

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Weekend Justice for 10/6

Sloshing through the swamp of pop culture so you don’t have to. We bring you ideas for how to waste your weekend.

Download the podcast here.

Of course, special thanks go out to Clutch for letting me use their absolutely badass song, “Promoter (of earthbound causes)” as my theme music for this.

Buy Blast Tyrant, which is where you can find “Promoter”. Buy their latest album, Pitchforks and Lost Needles. Send them love and coin.

BTW, you iTunes subscriber types can nab this feed here.

Or if you want to do something else with it, the feed feed is here.

Special guest stars are Morgan Quillin as Disgruntled Kid #1 and Dark Zoe as Evil Elmo.

Laurel Canyon by Michael Walker, performed by Lloyd James. (Blackstone)

The Zero by Jess Walter, performed by Christopher Graybill. (Harper Audio)

The Beatrice Letters by Lemony Snicket. (HarperCollins)

Content #2 by Gia-Bao Tran

Essential Alice in Chains (Sony)

The Vacant Stare by Lifted

Galaxina (Brentwood BCI)

The Brak Show, Vol. 2 (Adult Swim/Warner Brothers)

I Am Sex Addict (IFC)

Romancing the Stone (Fox)

Go For Zucker (First Run)

Miracles of Jesus (BBC)

The Ellen Degeneres Show (Warner Brothers – Target Exclusive)

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Odds and Ends for 3-7-2006

Screenhead has done an excellent rundown of Orson Welles adverts, both real and from the much-loved show, The Critic. “Fine. Fine. No goblins.”

Speaking of adverts, here’s the Rolling Stones shilling musically for Rice Krispies. “Get that krackle outta my face, pally!”

And here’s the Cracking Contraptions animations from Wallace & Gromit: I post them here to celebrate Aardman winning the only award I gave a damn about the other night. If you only watch one of these shorts, make sure it’s “Shopper 13.”

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Positively Crackers, Lads!

Wallace and Gromit

The Aardman Gang rocked the house at the Annie Awards, taking home ten awards, including Best Animated Feature, Character Design, Directing and Best Voice Acting in a feature to Peter “Wallace” Sallis. Seth McFarlane took home the award for Best Voice Acting in a TV show and Family Guy also took home a directing award.

Thanks to Cartoon Brew for the headsup.

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Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) – Movie Review

Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit movie poster

Written by Bob Baker, Steve Box & Mark Burton, based on characters created by Nick Park
Directed by Steve Box & Nick Park
Starring the Voices of Peter Sallis, Helena Bonham Carter, Ralph Fiennes, Peter Kay, Nicholas Smith

My Advice: Don’t miss it.

Our heroes Wallace (Sallis) and Gromit have had many adventures in their time. They’ve gone to the moon, thwarted a criminal penguin, and broken up a sheep rustling ring. This time around they’ve created Anti-Pesto, a humane pest control service. A giant vegetable contest (a community tradition) is upcoming, and unless the rabbits can be kept under control, then all the massive veggies will get gnawed away to nothing. Wallace and Gromit are especially interested in a new client, the Lady Tottington (Carter), because keeping her prize veggies safe will be really great for business. Not to mention the fact that she’s quite the looker (by claymation and Wallace’s standards). However, there’s a new player on the scene…a terrifying, hulking creature that exists only to throw veggies down its giant gullet: the Were-Rabbit.


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