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Ron Meyer

Why the Bad Men Can Never Stop

Well. Wow. I say this because io9 pointed me to the comments made by Universal’s head burrito, Ron Meyer. If you have any interest in how Hollywood functions (or dysfunctions), then you should probably read both. Because then you can...

DragonCon 2011: Make the Bad Men Stop

DragonCon 2011: Make the Bad Men Stop

[audio:] Well, the Weekend Justice League has taken the week off so we can recover from DragonCon. Those of you who wonder why it takes so long to recover have never been. But do not despair. We will not leave you with nothing. Thanks to the...

Tim Burton

Tim Burton’s Your Weekend Justice #105

It’s Weekend Justice: the Internet’s #1 audio trainwreck now in a special Tim Burtonized edition starring Johnny Depp as Jon Boutelle and Helena Bonham Carter as ScottC with Rox of Spazhouse, Herbert Lom’s actual grand...