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Wax cylinders

Your Weekend Justice #275: The Power of...

Discussed: Premature Rock Lobstering; Dodging the Dire Straits conversation; Sound Board spring cleaning; Jon is still homeless, mostly; Evil research companies; Facebook is evil but RTFM; Remembering the Gabfest; Rox hipping people up;...

Michael Shannon is General Zod from Man of Steel (2013)

Wayhomer Review #154: Man of Steel (2013)

It’s Episode #154 for Man of Steel (2013), in which our protagonist finds himself fighting the very thing that gives Superman his powers (what else is new?), is amazed he can believe that somebody besides Christopher Reeve can fly and...

Immortals 3D

Wayhomer Review #89: Immortals 3D

* Episode #89 for Immortals 3D, in which our protagonist makes a Krull reference, has praise for the cast, and hits his limit on splitting people in half with chains.