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Spidey Project

If you watch movie news sites like a hawk, then this feature isn’t for you. If, however, you don’t give a rodent’s posterior about reading rewritten press releases and entire blog posts rehashed from Variety and Hollywood Reporter–in other words, you have a life–then this will give you everything you need to know in a single post. Blam. Enjoy.

  • Another Spider-Man musical? Yes, but this one actually sounds interesting: Justin Moran (POPE! The Musical) has decided to create, rehearse and perform a full-on Spider-Man musical for exactly $65 million dollars less than the budget of the Julie Taymor monster. Yes, that would be for zero dollars. He’s also presenting the completed project on March 14th, a day before the official opening of Turn Off the Dark (assuming that doesn’t get moved again). For more info on his quest, check out the site here.
  • Avatar 2 is to be set underwater, so says Michelle Rodriguez. What’s weird about the article is it says it’s unsure if she’ll be cast–but we’ll say no more on the subject for spoiler reasons. (I know, everyone has seen the film but everyone still is missing some people–I know some of them.) That new film hits in 2014. Source.
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    Win Lennon NYC on DVD!

    Lennon NYC

    A&E has exactly what the title of this film implies: the story of Lennon and family in New York City. Here’s what they have to say for themselves:

    Following the breakup of the Beatles, the film follows John Lennon and Yoko Ono as they moved to Manhattan in 1971, where Lennon sought to escape the mayhem of the Beatles era and focus on his family and private life. At the same time, he created some of the most acclaimed songs and albums of his career. He also remained highly active in the anti-war movement as well as numerous other progressive political causes, and, along with Ono, became beloved fixtures in neighborhood restaurants, at Central Park, at sports events and at political demonstrations.

    With unprecedented and exclusive cooperation from Yoko Ono, access to never-before seen material from the Lennon archives, conversations with his closest confidants – Yoko, Elton John, David Geffen, the photographer Bob Gruen – and rare recordings of Lennon’s greatest solo hits including “Mind Games”, “Whatever Gets You Through the Night”, and “Imagine”, LENNON NYC is singularly poised to tell John Lennon’s story as it has never been told before – and as it will never be told again.


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    The Sound Board #13: The Great Podcast in the Sky


    This podcast generally covers music and other transgressions. This episode is hosted by Widgett Walls with tremendous support from Dr. J.M. Tuffley and Prof. Rob Levy.

    This episode’s central topic is twofold. One: death. The death of musicians. The 27 Club. What certain musicians would be doing today if they were still around. What certain musicians are worth, even dead. Elvis. John Lennon. And more. Also: Halloween. Our picks for great Halloween albums.


    Special thanks to Hyperbubble for our lead-in music. Show them love and buy their stuff.

    Headsup: You can find the music we discuss at our Amazon Store.

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    Untitled Music Podcast #2: The Difficult Second Podcast

    Needcoffee podcasting

    So the podcast returns (earlier than I expected–I just now realized it’s only been one week since the first episode–criminy, what a week). This one covers music and other transgressions and is co-hosted by Rob Levy, Tuffley and myself. Let us know what you think.

    This episode’s central topic is “The Difficult Second Album.” Within you will find the the discussion of some bands that didn’t get second albums and should have, along with some bands that did that probably shouldn’t have. Also discussed: break-up songs, “We Are the World,” musical biopics, Roy Orbison, Grammys, Edison, and a serious request for Warren Ellis to take steps.


    Headsup: You can find all of our Recommendations at our Amazon Store.

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    Stuff You Need to Know: A Film With Dylan Moran In It

  • A Film With Me In It has Dylan Moran up for an Irish Film and Television Award. Watch this trailer and you’ll see why.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    When is this coming here? I really need to see this.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio is being touted as the star of Beat the Reaper, for which the rights have been sold. Here’s the scenario from the article: “The protagonist in the novel penned by Josh Bazell is a Manhattan emergency room doctor, whose life becomes complicated when a mobster recognizes the doc from his former life as a hitman who went into the witness protection program.” Look, how am I supposed to have any sympathy for a guy dumb enough to try to hide from the mob in a busy hospital emergency room front and center? If the book is about two pages long, then I understand. But come on.
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    Stuff You Need to Know, Monday, September 1, 2008

    John Lennon as a boy
  • The teenage years of John Lennon are going to be the subject of Nowhere Boy, directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. The film “follows Lennon through his formative years growing up in Liverpool, the tense relationship between his aunt Mimi and mother Julia and on to his first meetings with Paul McCartney.” Casting is underway; production is supposed to start in March on location in Liverpool. I wonder when somebody’s going to do a fictionalized HBO or Showtime-level series about the origins of The Beatles. I dunno, I think I might actually watch that. Source: Variety.
  • Spandex may march on, but so does anime and manga. Specifically, Paramount wants to deliver manga comics based on their films to your phones. “Par says that comics are primarily viewed as marketing support for movies at or before time of int’l theatrical release, though carriers will treat them as premium content and charge phone users for downloads.” So let me get this straight–you think there’s enough demand for films like Eagle Eye and your pathetic Mission: Impossible franchise that people will pay to read twenty screens of a short manga that’s setup to market said films to consumers? I’m honestly asking you, our readers, whether or not you think you might go for this. In fact, fuck it, let’s have a poll. Source: Variety.
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