The 2011 International Space Development Conference

ISDC 2011

Widge here. Okay, first up: we’re about to get a guest post from Bart Leahy, who’s the Conference Chairman for the 30th International Space Development Conference–and he’ll be explaining shortly just what the hell that is and why you should care. But let me set it up pretty quickly for you–those of you who might be wondering why such information is here on Need Coffee: as Larry Niven said (although it was quoted by Clarke, from what I can tell), “The dinosaurs became extinct because they didn’t have a space program. And if we become extinct because we don’t have a space program, it’ll serve us right!”

This planet is what the geeks and other technical types among you would recognize as a Single Point of Failure. Granted, it’s a very large SPOF, but that’s it nonetheless. So one of the things I earnestly believe in is we have to get off this rock. Not you and me, I mean we as a species. These are some of the folks that are working on that. So they deserve a bit of attention. From here on out, it’s Bart.


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Your Weekend Justice #92: Giant, Smoking Crater

It’s the podcast that crashes and burns, killing everyone aboard. It’s Weekend Justice: the podcast that has been known to spontaneously combust while carrying a truckload of baby seals and kittens to the Safe Zone. This week’s episode we contend with all manner of technical difficulties. Plus everyone sounds like they’re dying, thus making it even more wrong and unsafe than usual. You have been warned.


Johnny from Airplane


  • The alcohol report
  • Scott vs. Upton Sinclair
  • The Vibrating Touch
  • Pink Floyd throat spray?
  • Scott wants to go to the ER
  • Leigh, meet Skype
  • Jon, the spelunking mime
  • Jon vs. Blue Screen
  • Gamecocks revisited
  • Random sports talk
  • We think there’s a Randomizer on Saturday. But don’t quote us on that.
  • Doctor Who on Xmas
  • Fail Kraken
  • The recap of stuff you didn’t get a chance to hear
  • Scott’s links
  • Soul Sister
  • (more…)

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A Visit to the Space and Rocket Center

Space and Rocket Center

When it comes to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama (my hometown), I do have some fond memories of the place. As mentioned on a recent episode of Weekend Justice, I went to Space Camp the first year it was available. The company my parents worked for used to rent the whole place out for their Xmas party. It was the place where I first encountered IMAX. And it was just, in general, a badass place for little kids to run around in and get excited about space and space exploration.

So for the first time since moving to Atlanta, I went back and walked around the outside of the Space and Rocket Center. After seeing the sad state that everything in the old main building and the outside was in, there was only one thing to be done…

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Special thanks to PhantomV48 for the closing animation.

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Your Weekend Justice #64: Funk Hamlet

And we’re back. Please note: this podcast, if you haven’t figured it out, is profane and not safe for consumption by children or animals. Or sentient creatures of any sort. Or even cardboard boxes. Nothing. Nobody. Got it?


Olivier Hamlet


  • Eastwick vs. The Sound Board
  • The Mirror Universe Rob
  • Rob’s doctor
  • Rob’s wife vs. Julian Casablancas
  • Din vs. NASA engineers
  • Rob vs. his neighbors
  • Rob’s neighbors vs. Olivia Newton-John
  • Rob vs. Tuffley’s fan
  • Widge vs. Rob’s rambling
  • Inexplicable hockeycast!
  • Latin, the undead language
  • ScottC, lost
  • Leigh vs. Jamaica
  • Leigh vs. reggae
  • Odd segue into Torchwood from Jamaica. Go figure.
  • Widge vs. Doctor Who…again
  • (more…)

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Win Moonshot on DVD!

Moonshot DVD cover art

The dramatization of the events leading up to Apollo 11 and the first moon landing are what you get in Moonshot from The History Channel. That’s right, not a docu, but a docu-movie sort of deal. They’ve sent us over a copy of the DVD that you can get a chance to win. The way you do that is simple: enter using the form below–and enter once a day–and if we draw your name when the contest ends, you win. Good luck!


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Stuff You Need to Know: San Diego Mayhem Has Begun

The Losers movie poster by Jock

Don’t panic because San Diego is going to be throwing news at your head. We’ll try our best to run some interference. It’s a madhouse out there–trust us, we’ve been before–but there’s no reason for it to spread like something out of Romero’s The Crazies. Enjoy.

  • Don’t miss this: Amazon‘s deal of the day is The Definitive Collection of the original Twilight Zone on DVD. For $105.99, which is 65% off. It is worth it, especially at this reduced price. Trust me. It’s the whole freaking series plus bonus bits. Get yours here.
  • So The Losers has started production. And here’s the poster from original series artist Jock–click to embiggen. Jock and original scribe Andy Diggle have stated they’ve seen a still of Oscar Jaenada as Cougar–but to my knowledge that’s not online anywhere. (Would love to see it, though, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) If you haven’t read the comics, you should. And if you haven’t told me what dark arts I have to perform to get these guys to do The Authority, then you’re falling down on the job. Get on it. Found at Comic Book Resources via the creators’ respective Twitters…get them here: Jock and Andy Diggle.
  • The first ground test firing of the Ares I solid rocket booster is happening August 25th. For those not keeping score, Ares is what will replace the Space Shuttle. Last I heard it was 2015 when Ares was expected to hit, and that sounds far away to say until you realize that it’s, you know, not. Ah well. Source.
  • (more…)

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    Forty Years Ago, Our Dreams of Off-World Green Cheese Mining Were About to Be Crushed Forever

    Apollo 11

    So when Apollo 11 left the gravity well for the Moon, we didn’t have the amazing communications grid that allows, for example, a bunch of whackjobs who work on a website to get together every two weeks and engage in the equivalent of a Comedy Central roast colliding with Thunderdome. So the live high quality feed that was coming in was hitting Australia, and the only way to broadcast it live to the rest of the world was to literally put a camera in front of the monitor in Australia–and show that. Unfortunately, as we mentioned before, somebody filed it under “Q” (or something) and the original tapes were lost for a long while.

    Now the tapes are back and, as we understand it, are just 30% or so through the process of being restored. Final restored footage should hit in September. We expect the footage once completed will be something like this.

    Until then, though, here’s a couple of choice bits–the second vid has a comparison between the original footage and the restored footage today.

    P.S. Don’t tell Buzz Aldrin that you think he didn’t walk on the Moon, lest he punch you up the conk, mate.

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    Win Journey to the Moon on DVD!

    Journey to the Moon: The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 DVD cover art

    As Doc mentioned on our last Weekend Justice, the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 is coming July 20th. Mill Creek Entertainment has a new docu on this set plus six classic NASA docus. Because we’re big on space around here, they were kind enough to send us two copies which we can give away to you folks–who are no doubt also big fans of space. Since, you know, we all take up space, I figure we should all be pro-space.

    Anyway, to win one of these sets, enter using the form below. And enter once a day. And if we draw your name when the contest ends, then you win. Good luck!


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