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Stuff You Need to Know: San Diego Mayhem Has Begun

The Losers movie poster by Jock

Don’t panic because San Diego is going to be throwing news at your head. We’ll try our best to run some interference. It’s a madhouse out there–trust us, we’ve been before–but there’s no reason for it to spread like something out of Romero’s The Crazies. Enjoy.

  • Don’t miss this: Amazon‘s deal of the day is The Definitive Collection of the original Twilight Zone on DVD. For $105.99, which is 65% off. It is worth it, especially at this reduced price. Trust me. It’s the whole freaking series plus bonus bits. Get yours here.
  • So The Losers has started production. And here’s the poster from original series artist Jock–click to embiggen. Jock and original scribe Andy Diggle have stated they’ve seen a still of Oscar Jaenada as Cougar–but to my knowledge that’s not online anywhere. (Would love to see it, though, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.) If you haven’t read the comics, you should. And if you haven’t told me what dark arts I have to perform to get these guys to do The Authority, then you’re falling down on the job. Get on it. Found at Comic Book Resources via the creators’ respective Twitters…get them here: Jock and Andy Diggle.
  • The first ground test firing of the Ares I solid rocket booster is happening August 25th. For those not keeping score, Ares is what will replace the Space Shuttle. Last I heard it was 2015 when Ares was expected to hit, and that sounds far away to say until you realize that it’s, you know, not. Ah well. Source.
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  • Dark Horse has a crapload of San Diego announcements. High points:
    • They’re relaunching Aliens vs. Predator with Three World War with John Arcudi and Rick Leonardi
    • Archie Archives are coming in hardcover. The classic ones not…whatever version Archie’s publishing this week
    • Casper‘s getting a 64-page 60th Anniversary special
    • Darick Robertson, who illustrated the Chair Leg of Truth, is writing and drawing Conan: The Weight of the Crown
    • The Final Fantasy Boxed Set “stays true to the original Japanese collection of the complete Final Fantasy artwork by Yoshitaka Amano.” Does that mean it’s just a deluxe edition or…? Not sure. But anything Amano is good.
  • According to Variety, the Vatican has decided that Harry Potter might not be a trail to death and damnation after all. Why? Because by the time Half-Blood Prince happens, Harry “is aware that the world of magic, which he grew up with in the past, is not exempt from malice.” Um…nothing irritates me more than critics who don’t actually read or watch what they’re critiquing. Hello? How could Harry think otherwise starting from Book 1? Evil magic killed his parents before his very eyes, you fucking morons. Of course, they’re really good at missing and/or ignoring things, aren’t they?

  • The famous “Fromage” shirt from friends of Needcoffee Paul and Storm has apparently gotten the thumbs-down from What Not to Wear. Which means it’s uncool. Which means its popularity will only soar. Hell, I don’t own one and I’m probably going to have to buy one now. Find out the full story here along with a link to snag your own.
  • Disney unveiled some hand-drawn in-progress animation for The Princess and the Frog in San Diego. Here tis:

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

  • Saw VII is coming. Is this the one where Jigsaw fights the telekinetic or where he goes to Manhattan? I get confused easily. Source.
  • The studios rolled out some 3-D goodness, including a trailer for Tim Burton‘s Alice in Wonderland. It hit the net and then promptly went away, and I would give you a link but it would just disappear again. Just Google it. It will be around soon enough. Also, Tr2n is now Tron: Legacy. I’ve seen it written that people preferred the original title, but I don’t even know how you say “Tr2n.” So whatever works. Also, a bunch of Avatar footage was rolled out, but I have not seen that online yet. Give it time, I’m sure. And if nothing else, “Cameron and Fox are taking over 3-D theaters globally on Aug. 21 for free screenings of 15 minutes of Avatar footage on what he’s calling ‘Avatar Day.'” Source.