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Daniel Craig from Cowboys and Aliens

Wayhomer Review #76: Cowboys and Aliens

Episode #76 for Cowboys and Aliens, in which our protagonist heralds the return of an effectively pissed off Harrison Ford, marvels at how far battle tactics have come since the time of the Wild West, and advises you to prioritize if you...

Olivia Wilde from Tron Legacy

Wayhomer Review #46: Tron Legacy 3D

Episode #46 for Tron Legacy 3D, in which our protagonist talks about how it feels to pay for a film that isn’t fully 3D, how the original Tron did not star Marlon Brando and how very little sense this new world of Tron actually makes...

Liam Neeson and Russell Crowe in The Next Three Days

Wayhomer Review #42: The Next Three Days

Episode #42 for The Next Three Days, in which our protagonist discusses thrillers that take their time thrilling, Russell Crowe‘s penchant for being extraordinarily ordinary, and the strategic placement of Liam Nesson and Brian Dennehy.

Win Fix on DVD!

It’s Fix, out from E1 Entertainment and starring Olivia Wilde from House. Here’s what they have to say for themselves: Bolting across Los Angeles, filmmakers Bella (Olivia Wilde, Year One) and Milo (director Tao Ruspoli) dash...