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Wayhomer Review #46: Tron Legacy 3D

Olivia Wilde from Tron Legacy

Episode #46 for Tron Legacy 3D, in which our protagonist talks about how it feels to pay for a film that isn’t fully 3D, how the original Tron did not star Marlon Brando and how very little sense this new world of Tron actually makes. This last bit he’s still going on about, twenty-four hours later.

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  • The title character, Tron, was also in the movie for about 10 seconds, which seems odd. It would be comparable to watching the original Star Wars trilogy except Darth Vader isn’t in the series until the end of Return of the Jedi where he kills the Emperor, mumbles to Luke that he is his father, then runs off screen. This would leave audience members confused, wondering who the hell that was, pondering if they were supposed to have some sort of emotional attachment to the character, and realizing the writers just went with a Deus Ex Machina convention because they had a deadline and no creativity left.

  • Jack,
    to be honest I didn’t even know Tron was a character… to me Tron was the computer environment — that’s how much I remember of the original movie (and video game)…

  • Wayne: What was your reaction to seeing a character called “Tron” when your assumption going in was that Tron was the world?

  • I haven’t seen Tron Legacy (yet?)… I meant that was what I thought based on what I remember of the original movie — which I admit is practically nothing :-) … honestly, I remember the video game far more than the movie

  • bang on with this review. I’m coming from a similar place except I was a lot younger when I watched Tron on TV for the first time then kept rewatching my recording of it, and read and enjoyed the novelization.

    Thanks for clarifying for me that it was the original Alan/Tron actor.

    Love your reviews in general btw, best film review site I’ve found since SPLICEDwire ended