Stuff: British Internet Insanity, The Return of Tarzan, & Everybody Loves Russian Raymond

Returned to Sender
  • UK readers, it was nice knowing you. Because we sometimes link out to places that have copyrighted material, the government could block Needcoffee from your view–if we’re understanding how this new law will work–disclaimer needed because I haven’t read the whole thing. Granted, we don’t do much of such linking–compared to most of the rest of the net, anyway–but we will link out or embed videos. Generally we include a way for people to buy the thing in question, so I don’t lose any sleep over it. But more than anything else, I think the hilarity of watching the courts in the UK try to process the impending avalanche of requests is going to make this go away sooner than later. And the sadness of watching Twitter light up with proxies like was being done recently with…that’s right…Iranian protestors. UK: You can’t stop the net. Sorry. Nice round-up of links here.
  • Like Japanese entertainment stuff? You’re in luck. They have “a cabinet-level office for intellectual property rights strategy” and they want to double their export of fun stuff. We’re going to talk below about us exporting television shows internationally…but can we please get a U.S. version of this? Source: Variety, who doesn’t want you to read the original article.
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    Stuff You Need to Know for Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Rowan Atkinson as Fagin
  • Update: Amazon has Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series for $64.99, which is 68% off. Only available today and while stocks last. Thought you would want to know.
  • So we’re back talking about Rowan Atkinson again. And why not? Anyway this time it’s because there’s footage on the BBC website of him in Oliver! As we mentioned last March, he’s Fagin in the new West End production. Mostly the footage is of him talking about theatre–which is cool on its own–but it also gives you glimpses of his performance. Would love to see that. Check it out here.
  • BBC Three is getting a sketch comedy show with Matthew Horne and James Corden (Gavin and Stacey) and a sitcom featuring the sick sick sick We Are Klang. I’m already afraid. Source.
  • Cate Blanchett is playing another monarch: Richard II. The War of the Roses is a two-part, eight hour play that’s an “amalgam of Shakespeare’s history plays about the Plantagenet dynasty.” You can read Variety’s review of the show here.
  • CBS Films is certainly drawing on some interesting star power to get their first film underway: Brendan Fraser and Harrison Ford. Fraser plays a guy whose two children have an incurable genetic condition who seeks out Ford as the doctor who might be able to save them. Production starts in April.


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    Stuff You Need to Know, Tuesday, January 13, 2009

  • Rowan Atkinson apparently did his “Amazing Jesus” sketch at the We Are Most Amused show last November for the Prince of Wales. And in doing so, pissed off a whopping 540 people who were part of a campaign to declare the thing blasphemous. I say again: Britain. You are making us Americans look sane. What the fuck, people? Anyway, the group’s statement included the following: “It would not have been clear to someone unfamiliar with the scriptures what was from the Bible and what was not.”

    Here’s the bit. You tell me if you think somebody could get confused. And the sound’s a little jumpy, because this is the unedited version I could find. Somebody’s tried to edit bits out to make it like it’s really an affirmation of Christian beliefs, which is…amusing and sad, to say the least.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Read the original article at Chortle.


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    Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush: A Love Song

    Rowan Atkinson and Kate Bush: Do Bears

    Rowan Atkinson, joined on stage by Kate Bush, to sing a lovely duet for Comic Relief back in 1986. I know you’re thinking: Comic Relief, that’s that shite charity thing that was around for a bit in the U.S. for the 80s and sort of fizzled out. But no, my friends. In the UK it is a nation-wide party for charity that is just brilliant. For more info, check out the official site here. It happens every two years, so this upcoming year–the date is March 13th, apparently. We’ll have to do something for the occasion, I’m sure.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Found via poeTV.

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    Headsup: What is This Godfather “Trilogy” You Speak Of?

    An ongoing attempt to help you cope with the sheer amount of stuff people want you to buy. Should you? I’ll try and help. If you do buy, anything you buy through us helps support the site, and we thank you.

    Speed Racer: The Next Generation: The Fast Track: The Movie DVD cover art
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall DVD cover art
    Jewel in the Crown DVD cover art

    Speed Racer: The Next Generation from Lionsgate is exactly what the title suggests: Speed Racer Sr. is missing but running around somewhere. Spritle is headmaster of the racing school. X Racer, Speed’s oldest son, is rocking the house behind the wheel. Speed Jr. just found out recently that he’s a junior at all. And the races take place in virtual land. Got it? What else is missing but running around somewhere are the three episodes that came between this DVD release, The Fast Track, and the first one. I’m sure you’re not missing too terribly much, but it’s bad enough to release volumes instead of complete seasons…but to skip bits? The final episode of the first series airs this week. For the moment, I think you’re fine catching the episodes on TV, since the features here–animation featurette and a sneak peek with Jeff Gordon–aren’t terribly extensive. But again, wherever kids are involved, you might not have the final say. (Click here to buy it from Amazon.)


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    Rowan Atkinson vs. The Piano

    Rowan Atkinson Plays Piano

    No, not the film. Sorry, Bailey.

    Anyway, I took piano for about eight years. I have absolutely nothing to show for it. Except if I could find my sheet music for the Toccata and Fugue in D Minor I might be able to make a go of it.

    But one thing I do remember is the fun (!) of piano recitals. If somebody would perform this routine, faces and all, on a real piano for their recital, I would give them a dollar.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Found via VideoSift.

    Update: So right after I posted this, Ken sent me this: Atkinson is going to take the stage in Oliver! as Fagin. Previews start in December. Holy shit. Is there anybody who wouldn’t want to see that?

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    Rowan Atkinson: Well Done Everybody on That One

    Great one-man bit taken from Rowan Atkinson Live, apparently a performance from 1991. From what I can tell, though, the VHS copy that was available in the States didn’t even have this bit. The UK version did. And I found an Australian DVD site that at one time offered this as a Region 0 DVD with the bit intact. So who the hell knows.

    Can we get somebody in the U.S. to please start releasing DVDs of all this Brit comedy that’s unavailable here? Pretty please?

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Found via VideoSift.

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