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Dracula’s Brides – A Rather Busty Bust

Dracula's Brides bust

Produced by Sideshow Collectibles


  • Limited to 2000 pieces

Asking Price: $75.00 each.
My Advice: Fans must own.

One of the most enduring parts of the Dracula myth is the fact that he had a trio of undead women who hung around him and seemed to be some combination of hungry and horny all the live long day. There’s nothing like bloodthirsty and monstrous women to make men everywhere stop and say, “Damn, that’s hot.” Thus, it is in celebration of the eternal heat of these characters (and, of course, the Stephen Sommers flick Van Helsing) that Sideshow has released this limited edition polystone bust featuring these three brides.

[ad#longpost]First of all, by limited edition I mean, as stated above, that there are only 2000 of them out there, so if you need this, you should grab quickly. Second, this was sculpted by Steve Kiwus, and he does a good job of getting across the sexy/I’ll kill you nature of these monsters. Probably the first thing any red-blooded male would notice is the cleavage. And no, I’m not being a sexist pig–hell, look at them. The sculpt is quite nice and manages to evoke the kind of setting aside of one’s own health and safety that most men would feel dealing with this trio.

Impressive are the details, such as the level of detail on their hair, the look of folds in fabric, and the decoration and ornamentation of their clothing and jewelry. The base is nice and weighted to keep the bust happy (the whole thing weighs around four pounds), and has the “Van Helsing” logo on it, but discreetly so if you decide you didn’t like the film, it can be easily overlooked. The bust itself is 7.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide.

Basically, if you were a fan of the movie, you’ll want to grab this, since it’s–with typical Sideshow quality–a damn good bust. And busty. Okay, I’m easily distracted. Sue me.