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Winners of the Scary Hair!

Well, the scariest contest we’ve done to date, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Contest, is over. And the winners’ names, for fame or shame, are here for you to view:

  • Shawn Dunn of Iowa
  • Erica Greca of Florida
  • Rhonda Holt of Colorado
  • Marie Noguerole of Oregon
  • Ronald Riedel of British Columbia, Canada

May you all enjoy this…thing…you’ve invited into your homes.


  • I am so happy to be named one of your winners and I am so thankful that you even have such contests, You are a godsend! Thank you once again ever so much:)

  • I’m psyched!! Thanks alot. Thanks to your contest, I found this site and love it! Thanks again!

  • Just wanted to say thank you for offering this contest…its great to be a winner.