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DVD Headsup: Paramount for 5/10

Three releases to point you to for Paramount this week:

Bad Apple. Well, we’re Law & Order junkies, so anything with Chris Noth in it is going to get our attention. Besides Sex and the City, of course. This TV movie had Noth as an executive producer as well as playing the lead, an undercover FBI agent who manages to get involved with the sister of his informant. It’s a decent cop flick, with some nice actors behind it: Colm Meaney, Mercedes Ruehl, Robert Patrick, and Elliott Gould. No features. (US) (CAN)

Joan of Arcadia: The First Season. This series has been getting a lot of attention, and not just the Touched By An Angel goody-goody-has-God-in-it-so-it-must-be-good type. Amber Tamblyn stars as a teenager who gets tasks given to her by God. Not sometimes-mistaken-for-Jack-Kirby’s-Highfather God, but by folks who claim to be God. I know what you’re thinking: it’s Wonderfalls meets Highway to Heaven! Well, kinda. Anyway, this series also has Joe Mantegna, Mary Steenburgen and Jason Ritter among the cast. The six-disc set comes with deleted scenes, cast and crew commentaries, and three behind-the-scenes featurettes. (US)(CAN)

The Longest Yard. The best football movie ever, in my opinion. And I’m not a sports guy. But “I think I broke his fucking neck!” is priceless and there is no need to debate. There is a need, however, to be afraid of he upcoming sequel. Therefore, take comfort in this new “Lockdown Edition,” which comes with an audio commentary by Burt Reynolds and scribe Albert S. Ruddy along with two featurettes and a look at the aforementioned remake. We’re not even counting the British soccer version. (US)(CAN)