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The Friday Timesuck

We’re late getting this out today, but we figure that after spending your morning in a slow build-up to wakefulness, you’re trying to get a burst of productivity before the day is up. So, we’re here to screw that up for you.

First up, ScottC’s Cultural Apocalypse Clock has shambled back into your lives and you can go ahead and be afraid now in order to avoid the rush.

Over at our sister site, Red Nose Net, our favorite bits from this past week include the Dalek-napping, The Lonely Astronaut, a stunning rendition of “Straight Outta Compton,” and the second episode of “My Wife, The Ghost.”

Over on the Gabfest, we’d direct your attention to support your local DJ (B-Naut), Cardinal Fitts wants to talk seriously about modern life and media (and of course, I can’t just take it seriously–sorry, chief), the online artshow called Monster Engine, an excellent article on what video games teach you, PETA promotes the use of long pig without considering that we’re sick enough to take them up on it, and a bitchfest about the decision against medical marijuana.

There. Happy now? Have a good one.

P.S. Clock image is apparently a real clock, for sale here.