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A Headsup for Otaku: Animerica’s Future

According to the current issue of Animerica, the magazine is essentially ceasing publication with this issue. It will continue to exist as a convention-only publication, with periodic issues available in a stripped down, free version at Waldenbooks and Borders Books. This smaller format will essentially only have reviews and infrequent micro features.

Subscribers will have their subscriptions transferred over to Shojo Beat. If you’ve already subscribed to Shojo Beat (and of course you have), they’ll just extend that subscription with the number of issues you had left on your Animerica subscription.

As an addendum, they recently won their case against the porn company that was using as their website, meaning that if you go to, you’ll be immediately forwarded to their real website, which is and has always been Soon, they plan on relocating to and having updated content, fora, etc.

So otaku, weep not….Animerica will be staying around, in an albeit much abbreviated form, and we have the promise of a website and Shojo Beat to balm our sad tears.