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This Just In: A Gaggle of Geneon

Yeah, well, we’re anime heavy right now. There’s so much of it to go through. And Dindrane, if you smile any bigger the top of your head will fall off. Remember what happened last time.

Anyway. Geneon threw some titles our way, so here’s the skinnee. The first three you see up there streeted on 5/24. Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite, Vol. 3: Saving Mariel is more antics of Taro and his, well, legion of maids. Poor guy. That disc comes with four episodes, clean series ending, original Japanese opening and ending, and a limited edition mini-pencil board. Next is Rumiko Takahashi Anthology, Vol. 3: A Touch of Magic, three episodes of tales of older ladies and the supernatural. This volume comes with a production art gallery. And lastly for that date, there’s Star Ocean EX, Vol. 3: Magical Moonlit Flowres and I swear if that girl on the cover doesn’t open both eyes, she might run into something. This also comes with a limited edition mini-pencil board, four episodes, and character profiles.

For 5/31, there’s two titles that showed up today. First is New Getter Robo, Vol. 2: The Yin-Yang Master, in which the most badass robots on the planet need to take down some monsters, but they need the most badass pilots on the planet to do it. This time around it’s some alternate reality action in three episodes, with textless closing and a music clip. And also there’s the third volume of Samurai Champloo, which for some reason makes me think of Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn facing off with katana blades. Which, you know, might be pretty cool. This comes with four episodes. Finally, one that streeted on 6/14, the second volume of Koi Kaze, Budding Attraction. This is the slightly uncomfortable but non-hentai (from what I’ve read anyway) tale of a doomed relationship between a brother and a sister who didn’t realize to begin with they were related. Yeah, it’s complicated. Comes with five episodes.

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Star Ocean EX, Vol. 3…(US)(UK)(CAN)
New Getter Robo, Vol. 2…(US)(UK)(CAN)
Samurai Champloo, Vol. 3…(US)(UK)(CAN)
Koi Kaze, Vol. 2…(US)(UK)(CAN)