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Bare Bones Studios San Diego Exclusive Action Figure – Toy Review

We’re pleased to review this Con exclusive, one of the most creative we’ve seen in our travels so far. This stick figure was being handed out by the folks at Bare Bones Studios, to help promote their books, like the sick and twisted robot story of love and death, Why Am I Programmed to Kill? I was also assured by the writer of Heroes Inc. that his mom loves the book…so I can’t think of a more ringing endorsement than that.

Anyway, notice the amazing amount of detail and the care of craftmanship on this figure. The sculpt is impressive as well. It also comes with an industry-thumping zero points of articulation.

We can’t wait to get it home and have it kick the asses of our Aliens and Conan figures. In the meantime, check out the Bare Bones guys on their website here and send them love. They’re sick and wrong. And we respect that.


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