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This Just In: Archaic


Well, here’s something refreshing. A new group called Fenickx is putting out a whacked out dark fantasy book called Archaic, in which the Drakanov family gets its collective ass handed to it by an evil king as he begins to wipe the floor with eldritch races to make a huge power grab. However, a child from the family is sent to safety…but with a group of knights to protect him from the likes of crazed werewolves and other such fun, is he going to wind up as lycanthrope chow before he can set things right?

The first five issues are available here at the Fenickx booth and I’ve read through the first three. James S. Abrams’ writing is solid enough to make a confusing world like Tzenebraum make enough sense to keep you from bleeding out the eyes, and Brett C. Marting’s art is perfect for the story. Lots of glowing shit, darkness, weapons materializing out of nowhere, and magical smackdown action. More, please. They’ve got a teaser site up here. Check it out or if you’re here, find them at Booth 305.

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