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Danger! Gospel Mime!

Well, you learn something new everyday. Here we thought mimes were abhorrent in everyone’s sight, including God’s. But apparently, a pair of twins have made a ministry out of doing gospel mime.

And how do we know it’s legit and God approves? Because look at how much black they’re wearing…and those glasses? See clown white smears on either one? No? Right…that’s a miracle, buddy.

Note: If you suffer from seizures caused by rapid flashes of light, I’d skip the intro if I were you. For a second we thought we were watching a Wrestlemania commercial.

Found via MetaFilter.


  • OKAY ………. sO YOUR SAYING God approves of your website.????? Didn’t think so… Keith and Karl edmonds (k and k mime) are spreading Gods word by miming… So just b/c you see a black man no correction two black men wearing white paint on your face you throw a fit.. well throw one when you people getting saved everyday b/c of the ministery of not only KandK mime but me, and other mimers …..So talk all you want but if God is for us WHO can be against US… EXACTLY.

  • We don’t presume to know what God approves of and doesn’t approve of…unlike yourself, because that would be Pride, and Pride is a sin, no? We made no mention of the fact that they were black. You did that. We were just impressed that they were WEARING black and didn’t get clown white on their clothes. We didn’t throw a fit, you did with your flagrant abuse of the question mark. In fact, we didn’t say anything really disrespectful except joking on mimes in general because…well, dude, mimes are pretty easy to joke on.

    So, C, I’m glad God is for you, but I’ll tell you who can be against you: your reading comprehension skills. Take your shoulder and the chip you’ve got on it and hit the road, buddy. I think you’ve probably got plenty of people against you without making up some out of whole cloth. You have a nice day.

  • hey, they are doing a good thing i look up to these two even though they are males and i am a 15 years old and i believe that dancing and miming is my way to minister to others god has me here for a reason and i believe this is the reason…..i mean k and k is a great if you dont like that fact its to bad ya digggggg……..and just because they are wearing white on their face dont mean nuttin……so go head k and k yall my peoples rep dat G.O.D ya heard me…….cuz i know me and my partner reppin him to da fullest…..ya kind

  • After all the times I’ve been critical of religion, I seem to get the most grief about this post, in which I’m actually respectful. I can’t tell if you religious folks have no sense of humor or have no reading comprehension skills. Or both. Do you not understand that I’m being serious when I say that clown white + black clothes and the two not mixing is a miracle? What I find truly amusing is that the twins themselves would probably get the joke and appreciate it. Whatever. Rep on, kia.

  • LOL correct me if i am wrong, but i think that i understood you to say, sarcastically, that it must be legit, b/c the costume looks in order? no smudges of white paint on all of that black or those sunglasses.
    after reading the responses, i had to go back and read what you wrote a couple more times to make sure that i was interpreting it right. LOL i think that their ministry is awesome and that no matter what we do in word or deed as long as we do it heartily as unto the Lord, God gets the glory.
    the comments were pretty good representation of Christ (NOT) LOL a soft answer turneth away wrath. have a positive and productive day! Peace….Chung

  • Widge…you are right I didn’t have to bring up the fact of them being Black…. But I did and like I said I guess I should’ve ignored your website when I saw it…… I apologize ……….but still what you say about them isn’t funny at all …hold on let me explain so you can understand …….You are Rude your whole website is based on your idiotic! opinion … And another thing Not thats it’s ne of your bizz. My reading Com. Skills are Great… Matter of A Great Fact I Do Belive I Passed The TAKS Test and unlike you Im going to do something important with my life….It’s a shame while I’m looking up info on How To Get Closer to God by using my gift (miming) I run across your site…. and last but not least … I’m not a dude but a country talkin bible walkin lobo lovin Gal from Texas ……So you have a GREAT dAY BUDDY….

  • Charlise: I accept your apology for not ignoring my website. I’m kinda freaked out by the fact you Googled “How to Get Closer to God” and wound up here, though. Maybe we quoted some Nine Inch Nails lyrics or something at some point. No clue. Anyway, good luck walkin’ your Bible. I guess.

  • I’m sorry to interupt this thrilling dialogue. But I just could not resist inserting my “idiotic! opinion” about this sentence.

    “And another thing Not thats it’s ne of your bizz. My reading Com. Skills are Great… Matter of A Great Fact I Do Belive I Passed The TAKS Test”.

    In the sentence in which Charlise defends her reading communication skills, there are at least 19 errors, including improper punctuation, improper spelling, and improper capitalization. There may be more, that was a quick count with no re-check. I do believe that this in and of itself gives us a very good idea of her skills.

    Incidentally–if Widge isn’t supposed to be expressing his own opinion on his webpage, who’s opinion should he be expressing? It’s his webpage, after all.

  • The devil is a liar how dare you try to insult these two mighty men of God and the part about legit if it was’nt dont you think God would have been shut them down the bible says touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm i come to warn you as a mine and a 13yr old minister and prophet that God is getting ready to fix those who speak against his anoited so i have a group name Slient Messegers and we’re prophetic mimes of God so watch oout cause were going international and K&K mimes keep letting God use you because iEyes have not seen ears have not heard neither had it enter into the heart of man what God has in store so remenber when you talk about God people youre talking about my God and you dont want to do that!!!!!!!!

  • Donald: Nobody’s insulting the twins. We’re insulting people who have bad reading comprehension skills. You’re 13, so I’m not going to go off on you, but dude, please, no one is ever going to take you seriously as a mine [sic], minister, prophet or anything else if you don’t learn to use punctuation. I’m being completely serious in telling you this.

  • I never intended on being apart of this fight as I don’t believe it is ‘truly’ worth the time. It is however entertaining. Anyhow, on to my reason for posting a note… “siezures” is actually spelled seizures. Many Blessings!!!

  • Toni: The only thing we’re fighting here is illiteracy. Thanks for playing.

    P.S. It’s not worth your time to post here, but you took time out of your busy schedule to correct us on a spelling error? After all the other errors in spelling and punctuation in the comments preceding yours? Isn’t that what your scriptures would refer to as a “mote”?

  • K&K mime are the best out there. They brought to life with God’s help and approval an art form not only about ministering his word, but a way to worship and pray. I am a mimer and I can say the clown white hides our identity and brings out the character that God has in store to use. Mime brings to life the reality that we deal with in everyday life and this is a way God is using to help people see more with the heart than with the eyes. He sees the intents of the heart and know our thoughts and if God is using them, which he is, then not only is their hearts clean, but anointed to do what they do. Try to mime sometime and you will see what it’s like. We are not to judge, lest we be judged, and as for those against us; they just don’t understand what and why cause their eyes are the eyes that need to be opened. If God be willling, they will be prosperous and blessed. No man can take that away from them.

  • Dude widget i am a 14 year old black mime and minester i am part of a group called mime squad i understand you point very funny oh and my brothers and sisters it is unchristlike to retaliate the way you did and if you are going to protest please use proper grammer peace and god bless

  • YMS: Speaking as a former Christian, you as a fourteen-year-old get Christianity better than most adults I know.

    And if anybody wondered why YMS’ comment originally showed up as mine–I’m not suffering from MPD (today), I accidentally hit the wrong button on the moderation panel and had to recreate his comment from the e-mail notification I got. So.

  • Just noticed this on the recent comments thing. I avoid religious debate in general, but seriously, what is it with the religious and spelling? Rhonda, I exclude you. Congratulations, you’re an exception! But how the crap do these people wind up here?

  • It’s not the spelling that bugs me. It’s the reading comprehension. Scott cracked a joke about clown white and suddenly we’re giving them crap because they’re Christian. Or because they’re black. Rrrrright. As to how they found us, if you Google “gospel mime” we’re the 10th search result. So I guess they just follow it here. Fine by me. I appreciate the page views. :)

  • And how many people would google “Gospel mime”? And then click a link that says “needcoffee”? And then rant without punctuation about how you’re a horrible person? I have to admit, I’m constantly surprised by how extensive the internet is, that it allows for such craziness.

  • Well, let’s be fair here. You and I are commenting not on a three-year-old post about gospel mimes, but commenting on the comments on a three-year-old post about gospel mimes. We are not without our own form of insanity. :)

  • Wow, that was introspective. I think I should go lie down for a bit, and try not to think too hard about that. I’m afraid of what it might do to my perspective. Nothing good, I’m sure.

  • That didn’t help. Because now I’m commenting on a link in a comment on the comments we made about commenting on comments from 3 years ago. I think I just burnt out a section of my brain. I really hope it wasn’t an important bit.

  • Things I Learned From NeedCoffee Today:
    1. Apparently, many aspiring gospel mimes are young teenagers. (When I was a young teenager, I was channeling my Muppet love into being a gospel puppeteer, so I sort of understand. Also: puppets are MUCH HARDER TO WORK PROPERLY THAN YOU THINK.)

    2. These young, aspiring teenage mimes are very sensitive to the barest breath of mockery. (My guess is- this is because their peers do not value their mimish pursuits as much as they do, and they are sensitized by the constant taunting.)

    3. Of course they aren’t so hot with the written communication – they’re MIMES. They don’t usually NEED to use words! Perhaps if there was a way for them to comment using video clips of themselves, their silent eloquence would make us weep with its profundity.

    4. Or perhaps not.

    5. The more earnestly people on the internet feel about a topic, the less likely they are to actually read and understand any mention of that topic unless it is clearly and blatantly supportive to the point of having little animated gifs of kittens nearby.

  • Obluique if u rember i am not ticked off and i was one of the commentors be aware that we arenot all uptight mimes who cant take jokes and by the way i am typing in im speek and am in a rush which iz y it is written like that

  • why is everybody going on and on about the subject of grammer look i am typing in standard english grammar whereas before i was typing like an uneducated hic we all make mistakes and some of us are in a rush at times i am not mad just a little bit fed up and calmly stating my opion peace love and god bless

  • This is just sad. The reason for my comment is to understand what was the whole point. Was this to bash the mime twins? Was it just a joke? Why has the subject turned from the mime ministry to grammar?

    This website was made with a persons own comment and views. Then the first someone says is “OKAY ………. sO YOUR SAYING God approves of your website.????? Didn’t think so…” . How can we as christians say what God approves? Only what’s written in His Word.

    To the comment “In fact, we didn’t say anything really disrespectful except joking on mimes in general because…well, dude, mimes are pretty easy to joke on.” Why joke on mimes? She we joke on someone filled with the Holy Spirit, because it looks funny and it’s easy to joke on? When I see people bring someone to Christ, no matter how it’s done, as long as it is done. Plus we all have a different praise. Look at David in 2 Samuel 6:14-23 (look what happened to Michal). Please be careful about what you joke/say. Read Numbers 12.

    I have a mime ministry. I have been made fun of. It hurt, but I’m not going to let peoples words stop me. Only God can. Let’s not fight over grammar and have harsh words between each other. Judging someone over grammar is pointless. None of us are perfect. I might have errors in my comment, but ye who is without sin cast the first stone. Or better yet for those who have replied with errors in their comments: Judge not, that you be not judge……And why do look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? ….First remove the speck from your own eye…(Matt 7:1-5)

    God bless

  • Min. Jones–I commend you for having the best thought out religiously-minded comment to date. Back when I was a Christian part of my problem was Christians thinking they knew the mind of their God, which by their own definition seemed a bit…you know, convenient and wrong. So we are of one mind on that, at least. As for why joke on things–this is a website where we joke on things. That’s what we do. Just like what you do is minister. If anything, the original post was respectful of everything but the twins’ flash animation. Where this all got out of hand is from people with no reading comprehension (probably the same types who don’t know what The Word says because they haven’t bothered to read it–or understand it) seeing a post on a jokey website and thinking we were bashing the twins. Your admonitions to them were a lot kinder than mine, to be certain.

    Anyway, thanks for a reasonable comment. While I am no longer a believer, anybody who is reasonably civilized (jokey or not) is welcome here. Have a good evening.

  • Widge, thank you for your kind words. As you can see from about, that I did make grammar and spelling errors. lol. Anyways, your right. Some believer have forgotten to not use judgmental words and condemning words, just because of they don’t agree. When Jesus was brought before the council, he just stood there. I was in awe when I read that. The people who knew the “Word” was coming down on Jesus! What I would do just to be a fly on heavens walls to see the shock on their face, looking at Jesus face to face!

    We don’t know the mind of Christ. Why walk around with our head high and chest out like the Pharisees? We are all sinners and have been forgiven from many different sins. I don’t know why Jesus loves me or even cares, but what I do know he has and my mission, like others, is to spread the word. Not judge, then minister to lost souls.

    Widge, come back to Christ. He still loves you. Forget what the titled “christians” have said. They might not be the ones in heavens gate. Focus on the One that has the Key.

    Stay bless

  • I never thought i would be posting on something like this…. but it is a crazy world so welcome to the insanity.
    At the Easter Service on COB Speicher today, There was a Mime Ministy acting out the easter story. I admit i did not stay to finish as i thought that during a service is a bit on the sagriligioue side. It is hard to take the Story of the resurrection with any degree of seriouseness when it’s done in Mime. Out side of a service maybe for a youth roup function hey why not it mildly entertaining. But let us not kid ourselves on the effectiveness of Mime as a seriouse ministry to the people. My big problem with this whole thing is that You have a story as inspirational as this. Any one, no matter what theyve done who they are can be saved. Not by anything we can do. Even the most vile person who believes in Christ, Repents of his sin and gets baptised into Christ, can be saved and eternally made new. and that God was so Dedicated to Us that he made the Ultimate sacrifice sending a part of himself to save us and rise from the dead body and spirit. Giving up eternal equality with the Father. Thats how important it was for him….
    Now you take what is in it’s own right an emotion inspiring, touching story. and very entertaining and thought provoking, and appearantly it has so little effect that Christianity must add gimmics to it like mime. (there are many other things done o entertainment value to try and “liven up” the Gospel, but where on mimesright now.

    To me that says that as a religion we should pack it up because we have nothing to offer. Saving grace from your sins and transgressions obviously doese not excite anymore.

  • Please people, can we really get a hold of ourselves. Whoever the webmaster is, I am duhhh assuming Widge, please leave him alone, it’s not that serious. It was a joke…When I first read it before I even got to the comments, I was laughing simply because some of what he was saying is true, but funny….the Godfathers of Mime…and how you take a Roman non-popular form of nothing to bring it to Gospel’s new way of worship is amazing, but comparing them are funny in the way he was putting it. Some people really need to stop jumping on everything that they read because someone says something, and then I must get all worked up. No, you don’t. First off, the anointing speaks for itself. Understand that. And if someone is going to attack someone or another group, whatever the case may be, it is only because that is what God is allowing, not you. God does not see us the way we see each other. We take some things to the head, and never think to get off the high horse and stop bumping the low ones. You can never be high unless you recognized how you felt being low. All of this to say, calm down, and Widge, trust, you don’t have to defend yourself every time someone says something. A joke is just that…it’s not like he was condemning the men or anything. I have known of K&K for about a year and a half, and they have been doing this for well over 18 years, so I truly believe that just about it all has come across them. So, why work yourselves up over something that has nothing to do with you to be honest. How can you expect to be blessed with your own if you are too tied up with someone else’s? I didn’t know who needed to know that, but the time has come, where the Joshua-Deborah Generation to step out, and Christians especially need to stop speaking for God, because it is then when you take it upon your flesh to speak for Him, that your feelings are hurt. First off, because your feelings have nothing to do with God’s will. I am a minister, I am 19 years old, and have been in church all my life. I started my mime ministry a year and some ago, and it is only being catapulted into greater heights. K&K Mime I believe will even see the word in me and will be on tour with me. So trust, even the highest comes down to be a servant. Understand, this is ministry, and all you do, good, bad, ugly to others, judgmental, giving, or taking, whatever it may be. You are accountable for it. And widge, its soo true what you said about the intro, but I love it, lol, because it’s never what you would expect, but that is the motto of my ministry, expect the Unexpected. Be blessed, and people, stop raising your blood pressure on non-important issues. Worry and pray and cast down demons on the real issues like the missiles being set off in North Korea. Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh, not on here…what little comments can never hurt you, can only build you. This was only a test right here for many of you all, and it was the threshold of whether you would get your next breakthrough believe it or not. Be blessed!

  • Meghan: It was actually ScottC’s article, I just run this circus. But to quote Bill Maher, “Thank you for being Christ-like and not just Christian.”

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  • I love the way you all do what you do for the lord cause in the mean while he’s gonna bless you for.Blessing his people of God

  • Reading this article (and subsequent comments) has destroyed my brain…and I don’t know why.