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America’s War on Sex

Let’s see, we had the War on Poverty, the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror.

Now that those wars are over and we’ve apparently declared victory (?) and since nobody has anything better or more important to take care of, we can now move onto a new priority: the War on Sex.

State and federal governments promote abstinence only programs, school textbooks teach sex is bad for you, and the FBI making pornography one of the top priorities.

Now there’s a bill that just passed the House of Representatives that could make mainstream movies and television jump through the same bureaucratic hoops as pornographic productions. Of course, porn makes much money, so producers go to the trouble of dealing with the paperwork. But would your regular lazy Hollywood executive?

Here’s a link to the Senate Judiciary Committee. They’re next in line to look at the bill. Why not send a note to your Senator saying you like sex and don’t need the government to enact back door methods of censorship? As the Minister of Naughty Bits, I’m urging you to do so before frolicking = felony.