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Stuff: Googling “Henry Rollins Sucks” Just Got More Interesting

Henry Rollins in Suck

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world of pop culture. You don’t have time for it all. So we grab all the best bits and give them to you in a single post. Because somebody had to. Enjoy.

  • Okay, so the story‘s about Splendid Films, a German distributor. So while Dom might be interested in that, I’m more interested in the array of films that are coming: Conan, directed by Marcus Nispel (who brought you the Texas Chainsaw remake) and due in 2011; Tekken, directed by Dwight Little (who went and did a lot of television after Anacondas) ; and…

    …wait a second, a vampire comedy starring Iggy Pop, Malcolm McDowell and Rollins? Called Suck? Jesus, I wish we had a trailer.

    Direct link for the feedreaders.

    Well, that was convenient. That looks…mental. I’m in.

  • Julie Andrews is doing one night in London, An Evening With Julie Andrews at The O2 on May 8th. I trust there will be a DVD release at some point. Yes?
  • Bourne 4 is in trouble. Paul Greengrass, who directed Bournes 2 & 3, has left the project. And Damon‘s not locked in to return. What does this mean? Either Damon is in and they bring in somebody else to finish a script or Damon’s out and they relaunch the franchise. The story also mentions Universal is eyeing Wanted 2, Jurassic Park 4, Fast and the Furious 5, American Pie 4 and Mamma Mia 2. Interestingly enough, they mention that New Line had wanted a sequel to Seven (Seven 2?)…would love to see the treatments on that idea.

    So was anybody surprised by that fat list of potential sequels? None of our regulars around here, I’m sure…

  • Cat on a Hot Tin Roof cast
    UK cast of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

  • Brits…be advised that the Broadway production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (which I could have sworn I mentioned previously–but apparently not) is now at the West End through April. It stars James Earl Jones, Phylicia Rashad and Adrian Lester (who replaced Terrence Howard when the show moved). Sounds fantastic. Source.
  • Holy crap…and speaking of Tennessee Williams…Cate Blanchett is in Streetcar directed by Liv Ullmann? Wowsers.
  • Looks like The Golden Globes might be worth watching for once: Ricky Gervais is hosting. Source.
  • Takeshi Kitano‘s next gangster pic is called Outrage and it “depicts power struggles among Tokyo gangsters.” Kitano helms and stars. Due out next year. Source.
  • Paul Thomas Anderson’s follow-up to There Will Be Blood is called The Master and will star Philip Seymour Hoffman as “a founder of a new religious organization in the 1950s.” Hoffman’s on board but there’s no script yet. Source.
  • BTW, did you know that The Mel Brooks Collection is hitting Blu-Ray on December 15th? Well, now you do.
  • Harold Perrineau
    Harold Perrineau

  • Needcoffee fave Harold Perrineau has come on board Hungry Rabbit Jumps, a dramatic thriller that also stars Nicolas Cage, Guy Pearce and January Jones. “Story’s centered on a high school chemistry teacher, played by Cage, whose wife is the victim of a brutal crime which leads him to align himself with an underground vigilante organization. Perrineau will play Cage’s friend and boss, an ex-cop turned high school principal whose loyalties are tested.” Tobey Maguire is one of the producers. The story also tells us that he just wrapped on the 30 Days of Night sequel. Image.
  • Since I know it’s of interest to some of our readers, Sons of Anarchy has gotten the nod for its third season. Everybody’s coming back for thirteen more episodes, kicking off in September. Creator Kurt Sutter is signed for two more years. Source.
  • Certain to create a discussion during next week’s Weekend Justice that will give me time to go grab a sandwich, John Barrowman has said he’s signed up for season four of Torchwood. And it’s getting thirteen episodes. Sigh. Source.
  • Holy crap again…Frank Zappa‘s stuff being performed by the Kronos Quartet and the Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted by John Adams? Wowsers again.
  • Zombieland 2 in 3-D? Apparently so. Sony wants it. Here’s the scary bit, though–producer Gavin Polone: “Everyone had fun watching (the first) ‘Zombieland’; making it a more visceral experience can only make it better.” So 3-D for the sake of 3-D will automatically make the film better? Has that been the case for…any film? They’re in talks with Harrelson and Eisenberg to return. Original director and scribes are already on board.
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    • Alice Cooper, Dave Foley, Carole Pope…man, SUCK has serious potential. :) When I first saw the title and heard “vampire comedy,” though, I was hoping for an adaptation of Christopher Moore’s vampire novels.